Suzy Daren, MA, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
New York City NY
With an extensive toolbox that includes psychotherapeutic, yogic and spiritual techniques, I practice client-centered therapy to optimize the body, mind, heart and spirit. I endeavor to create a therapeutic space that is both safe and engaging. My work is non-pathologizing and designed to help clients learn how to self-reflect, self-accept and take positive action in their lives. Amidst this modern psychotherapy practice, I facilitate remote ketamine assisted psychotherapy (KAP) and work with those who independently utilize psychedelics to assist them with the assimilation of their journeys into their baseline of consciousness. This often supports the healing of past trauma, relief from anxiety and depression and the cessation of unhealthy habits and compulsions, along with the revelation of one’s highest potential and the path to its attainment.
I am a licensed psychotherapist, yoga and meditation instructor, founder of Williamsburg Yoga Psychotherapy, and a single mother. Having a lifelong interest in non-ordinary states of consciousness and psychospiritual growth, I delved deeply into the study of yoga, ayurveda and non-dual Shaivite Tantra for over 25 years. I have worked in private practice since 2008, recognizing the importance of going beyond traditional talk therapy and have cultivated strong clinical skills that allow me to guide others through the deep psychospiritual work of the self. I respect that psychedelics and other psychoactive substances can offer an expedient route into the psyche, as well as experiences of ego-dissolution and oneness, that often take many years for even the most devout spiritual practitioners to attain without their use; so I am thrilled to see their resurgence in research and application. It is my most sincere desire to support others along their journeys to happiness and liberation.