Suzy Stanford, BA

Holistic Psychotherapist
Perth WA
I'm a PACFA registered Holistic Psychotherapist living and working in Walyalup (Fremantle) Western Australia. I have been exploring the healing potential of psychedelic medicine for almost 15 years, and my experiences have shaped the person I have become today and the way I work as a psychotherapist. Therapy allows us to shine a light on our habitual thoughts, patterns and unconscious behaviours, giving us space to move through our lives with more freedom and purpose. My job as a therapist is to join you on a journey of peeling back the layers, helping you make sense of what you discover on the way, as you move towards your deepest and most authentic self. I work with clients both indoors (South Fremantle) or as Nature-based sessions in the local area. I also work with clients on Zoom from all over the world. Please note - I do not provide psychedelic assisted psychotherapy, due to these being controlled substances in Australia. My work is around the preparation and integration of these experiences.
I enjoy working at the intersection of Psychology, Spirituality & Ecology. My passion is reconnecting people back to Nature - both within and without. I teach yoga and mindfulness and incorporate the teachings from these practices into my work with clients. I also work with clients experiencing anxiety or grief around world issues, including social injustice and the environmental crisis. I am a certified Climate-Aware Practitioner with Psychology for a Safe Climate.