Syd McClune, LMFT

Berkeley CA
There is no one-size-does-fit-all approach to mental health and well-being. I will work closely with you to create a customized treatment plan that aligns with your specific goals and challenges. We will take the time to understand how you came to be who you are, and what you need to support you in creating the quality of life that you want. To comprehensively meet your needs, I employ a diverse range of modalities to identify and reestablish the connections between your mind, body, and spirit. Our approach extends beyond conventional talk therapy, encompassing somatic awareness practices and spiritual exploration. Together, we endeavor to address every facet of your being, facilitating relief and restoration for your entire self. This therapy is not exploration for exploration’s sake. While therapy can help you better understand yourself it can also be practical and focused on improving your life beyond our sessions. I’m committed to helping you apply insights and new coping skills in your daily life and relationships, so you can experience lasting positive changes.
I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, that holds a masters degree in Integral Counseling Psychotherapy from the California Institute of Integral Studies. With a background as a massage therapist and an artist, I offer expressive, somatically informed, relational psychotherapy, ketamine assisted therapy, and psychedelic integration. I specialize in working with childhood trauma and complex PTSD, exploring identity issues, and spiritual questioning.
I offer Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy for thoroughly assessed clients. I offer packages of Prep, Medicine, and Integration Sessions to pursue robust lasting effects. Packages are tailored to each clients specific needs.