Syzygy Psychotherapy Collective

Seattle WA
Play, Creativity and Neuroscience. We intend to create a warm, safe, accepting environment for all people to explore their authentic selves in a welcoming and playful therapeutic container. We understand from research that when we take a playful approach towards behavior change, internal shifts can happen at a much faster rate. “Play is the portal to plasticity,” states Dr. Andrew Huberman. “Play is not just about having fun. Play is about testing, experimenting, and expanding your brain’s capacity in early development and throughout the life span… Play allows you expand the number of outcomes you are willing to entertain and how you relate to those outcomes.” We incorporate play in 1:1 therapy, group therapy, and couple’s therapy. Our therapists employ creative approaches to therapy by utilizing expressive arts interventions, music, psychodrama reenactments, and more to help you thrive. We Include the Transpersonal. We provide holistic wellness through a transpersonal lens. At Syzygy we honor the full range of your human experience, from the experience of everyday waking reality to dreamwork to the most abstract of spiritual phenomenon - with the belief that any experience is to be appreciated as a gift to unravel curiously. We accept you as you are.
We offer an alternative to traditional talk therapy so you can cultivate new ways of being in connection to your experience. We believe in working from a bottom-up approach, that is through the somatic intelligence and wisdom of our bodies, rather than overthinking and problem solving with the mind. By learning to listen to the subtleties of our inner experience, we make room for our inner healing intelligence to emerge. This process can allow us to become less reactive and more understanding of the different aspects of ourselves so that they can be seen and liberated. Through mindful attention we can experience our emotions, thoughts, discomfort, and past pain with less reactivity and more nuance and compassion. Our practitioners are trained in somatic therapy using the Hakomi method, Sensorimotor psychotherapy, Gestalt therapy, Internalized Family Systems (IFS), group work, trauma-informed yoga, and more. Our clinicans are trained in MAPS MDMA assisted therapy for PTSD, and we will be offering this therapy pending FDA approval.
Psychedelic Preparation and Integration, Group therapy, Somatic Therapy, Trauma Recovery, EMDR, Harm Reduction Psychedelic Therapy Support, Couples and Relational Therapy, Internalized Family Systems (IFS), Hakomi, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Nutritional Support HAES approach to food + body therapy, Medication Managment, Yoga therapy, and more