Tania Santer, RP

Registered Psychotherapist & Art Therapist
Toronto ON
Art IS psychedelic. Art therapy, when used in conjunction with psychedelic preparation and integration, takes us where language cannot go and thrusts us into direct contact with something greater than the “self”. When we use our hands with deep presence and intentionality, in glory and pain, the nebulous experience of the soul becomes external, malleable, transformational, and alive. Through my own explorations and experiences in both these realms, I have woven art and psychedelics together as I have found them to greatly support individuals throughout the entire process of growing down into their humanity and living full and embodied lives. Materials, interests, goals, art directives, and comfort levels are all taken into consideration and adapted to each unique individual and the themes that are surfacing. It is an intuitive collaboration that comes to life through connection and careful listening. Our time together can include art making as well as discussion and reflection. Creative directives can also be explored in-between sessions, leaving our scheduled time together for verbal exploration. I work with a strong emphasis on building support and connection outside of the psychedelic space, as this is where I believe, the essence of life takes shape. You do not have to be an artist or have ANY experience to benefit from the alchemy of art therapy. Openness, curiosity, and self-permission to explore is all you need.
Hello, I'm Tania. As I reflect on the stories of my life, there have been many threads winding, knotting, breaking, twisting, and turning; all of which, have delivered me to my life on the little farmstead I call home. Living life on a farm has embedded me into the web of life and death, and is where I continue to cultivate creative insight, inspiration, and integrate all aspects of my life as I evolve. Carefully listening for the path I am being asked to walk continues to be an embodied practice of life as ceremony and full-spectrum living. The threads that compose the warp in the tapestry of my life are: nature and farming, creativity, my body, mythology, ancestry, and connection. What if becoming whole was about cultivating and transforming our capacity to carry a heartbreak that has been entrusted to us? What if our joy is directly connected to our capacity to live into the fullness of our pain? What if we weren't meant to do this alone? Visit my website to book your free consultation and see if it's a good fit.