Tara Rodriquez, ASW

Associate Clinical Social Worker
Los Angeles CA
I see telehealth clients in California in the formats of individual integration work and psychotherapy, psychoeducation groups, and support groups. I see in-person clients for in-home ketamine-assisted psychotherapy sessions and group integration in the Los Angeles area. I also provide on-site harm reduction at music festivals as part of the NEST Harm Reduction team. As part of NEST, I am currently under the supervision of Erica Siegal, LCSW (CA #86622). My listed fees are for a range of services from integration circle attendance to in-home ketamine sessions. My hourly rate for regular psychotherapy is $120 with a sliding scale if needed. I am happy to offer a free 15-minute consultation to see if we click!
I have experience serving folks from all walks of life, and I'm familiar with and open to many non-mainstream lifestyles & identities. As someone with lived experience as a person who uses drugs (PWUD) and as a member of the LGBTQ+ community, I understand the margins of society. I am an Associate Clinical Social Worker who graduated with my MSW from The Ohio State University in the Mental Health and Substance Use specialization. I identify as a bisexual cis woman of mixed Mexican and white heritage with a lived experience of substance use issues and psychedelic-assisted recovery. My experiences have inspired me to devote my life to helping support others in their change and growth processes, and I recognize that psychedelics can be a useful tool on this journey. I have five years of experience in crisis counseling, harm reduction psychedelic peer support, and psychedelic event organization, and 28 years of experience interacting with psychedelics. In my personal life, I enjoy hiking, foraging, gardening, cooking, yoga, dabbling in music-making, and spending time with animals of all kinds (but especially my two cats).
Know Your Stuff - Drug Harm Reduction Education A deep dive into harm reduction for people who choose to use drugs or who would like to be knowledgable so they can support people who use drugs. This is an ONLINE group running from February to April. https://nestharmreduction.com/know-your-stuff/ Psychedelic Integration Circle - Mid-City/West Adams Los Angeles Support and information for people who need help processing a psychedelic experience, are curious about using psychedelics, or would like to be in community with like-minded folks. https://nestharmreduction.com/los-angeles-integration-circle