The Catalyst Center

Denver CO
We have developed several protocols based on the existing research on the efficacy of Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy for mental health conditions. Additionally, we have developed programs for people seeking personal and spiritual development and for mental health professionals seeking professional development and a legal, safe psychedelic experiential learning opportunity. Intake and Medical Screening You and our Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner will meet to discuss your medical and mental health history, answer any questions you may have about ketamine, and weigh the pros and cons of KAP for your specific situation. If you are medically cleared and our medical team determines that KAP is the right treatment for you, you will move on to one of our KAP programs. Preparatory Sessions (1-2 sessions before you begin Ketamine) You and your KAP therapist meet for one or two sessions to discuss your history and set intentions for your Ketamine Experiential Sessions. You will discuss what to expect and explore your preferences for how your therapist can support you during and after your experiential sessions. Ketamine Experiential Sessions You will be fully supported medically and therapeutically throughout your Ketamine Experiential Sessions. Sessions are approximately two hours with additional recovery time as needed. Plan to take the rest of the day off on your Ketamine Experiential Session days and to have a ride home. Integration Sessions You and your KAP therapist will meet in the days following each Ketamine Experiential Session to integrate what came up for you in your experiential session and more deeply internalize the experience.
The Catalyst Center's Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy program offers fully supported IM and sublingual Ketamine experiences. Our clients are medically monitored by our on-site board-certified medical staff and accompanied by a licensed Certified Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy Provider throughout the experience. In addition, our highly trained providers work one-on-one with each client to prepare for the experiences and to integrate insights following each Ketamine journey. In addition to KAP, our clinic provides medication management and traditional talk therapy including EMDR for trauma recovery.
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