The Curious Spirit

New York City NY
We work remotely and in-office in the NYC/Long Island area.
We are an integrative psychotherapy and coaching practice made up of diverse providers with various specializations. In addition to psychedelic integration, we work with those navigating spiritual emergence, life transitions, anxiety, depression, and daily stress. We welcome people from all backgrounds and affiliations and are all licensed professionals in New York State. There are options for in-person sessions in Brooklyn and Glen Cove, NY. Remote sessions are also offered. . Individual and group retreats for deeper transformational work are available in the NYC and surrounding areas.
Introduction to Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) In our shared exploration, we weave together one dosing session with at least six therapy sessions. This offering invites you to embrace the transformative potential of KAP in a space rooted in authenticity and support with sufficient time to prepare for and integrate your journey. Immerse yourself in an approach shaped by authenticity and compassion. By building a genuine connection we foster healing through building a safe container for self-discovery. These experiences, and the mystical experiences that may be instigated by them, are sacred moments in your personal journey toward healing. Financial Accessibility: Sliding scale rates are available for those in need, facilitated by our licensed therapist Ashley Wiscovitch, LMSW. We believe everyone should have access to transformative healing experiences.