The Village Witch

Colchester CT
We are passionate about making psychedelics accessible by using an in home model. This means our clients won’t need to pay or arrange for transportation to and from a clinic. Likewise, it offers a comforting set and setting alternative to a medical space, which can be alienating. What better way to experience healing than in the comfort of your own home, with an experienced healer at your side to hold your hand through the tough parts. Services are provided within 45 minutes of Newington CT: Middlesex and Hartford counties, and parts of New Haven, Tolland, and Litchfield counties.
We are The Village Witch. In ancient times, when a person was sick, a witch - then understood as a healer or counselor - would come to you in your home with comfort, medicine and counsel, and often a psychedelic! Tales about witch's brew and spells, are often code for the psychedelic healing these wise women and queer folk provided. Inspired by them, we are here to provide, medicine, counsel, and psychedelic healing. We founded our clinic to provide affordable and effective psychedelic treatments and help pave the way for the psychedelic medicine in mental health. With social justice and class consciousness as our guiding light, we created a clinic for marginalized people, especially BIPOC, LGBTQI+ and neurodivergent folks. We also created a space for all spiritual and holistic practices. We created a space that exists outside of sterile and impersonal medical rooms of psychedelic clinics, a place that centers the human.
We use lozenge based ketamine treatment. We believe this approach is the best balance of affordability, accessibility, and an even, well controlled dosage experience. All ketamine sessions are in home, with intake, preparation sessions, and integration sessions provided via telehealth. We use an 8 session model that runs 4-5 weeks. A prep and integration session is provided before and after each of the 8 sessions. Clients typically receive about 40 hours of therapy all included. This model is empirically validated, and we see excellent, long lasting results. The brief model also prevents a prolonged need to take time off from work. In keeping with our commitment to access, we offer our services to medicaid patients for almost no cost! We also offer sliding scale and work with insurance whenever possible. We yearn for a day when insurances catch on to the power of psychedelic healing and we will be the first to bill through them.