Theo Rabke, MHC-LP

Mental Health Counselor - Limited Permit
New York City NY
While I do not directly provide access to psychedelics or psychedelic-assisted therapy, I do offer harm reduction and integration sessions for individuals who have encountered mystical experiences—whether through psychedelic medicines, meditation, spiritual practice, or other means.
We come to therapy when we feel like our old ways of being in the world are no longer serving us. We may feel trapped by repetitive cycles, overwhelmed by challenges in our personal or professional lives, or curious about what our lives could be like if we were to let the deepest parts of ourselves find expression in our day-to-day. Very often, we are struggling to find the language to communicate who we really are, what we really need, and why we do the things we do. In some cases, we are trying to make sense of experiences that exist beyond the reach of language itself. I specialize in helping my patients (re)discover the depths of their humanity, cultivate insight into their ways of being in the world, and integrate those aspects of themselves that have always been lurking in the depths but, for whatever reason, struggle to find authentic expression. I provide an environment and relationship with the capacity to hold your most private thoughts and feelings so that they can be analyzed, and ultimately, worked through. I believe that the symptoms that bring us to therapy are the starting point for discovering unmet needs that are fundamental to our wellbeing. Through the work of therapy, I aim to help patients discover ways to honor those needs, and thus, find relief from their symptoms.