Thomas Kim, MD

Denver CO
** I accept major insurance plans, including Medicaid in Colorado ** I work with clients as part of a 14-week, at-home program that combines talk therapy with ketamine, and medication management. The program is designed for people with difficult to treat anxiety, depression, and PTSD. As a patient, you'll get: 1. Safe, at-home ketamine. Noma leverages orally administered, rapidly dissolving tablets. All dosing sessions are monitored virtually by a trained guide. 2. Psychotherapy combined with psychedelics. All patients receive weekly psychotherapy sessions alongside ketamine dosing sessions, designed to improve the strength and duration of clinical outcomes. 3. Expert practitioners. We’ve brought together an experienced team of psychiatrists, licensed therapists, and guides—leveraging their combined knowledge and skills to develop better treatment plans and therapeutic experiences tailored to your individual needs. 4. Convenient Virtual Sessions. We eliminate the barriers of time and distance, allowing you to prioritize your mental health with ease, flexibility, and the highest level of personalized care. 5. Affordable pricing. We accept most major insurance plans and Medicaid, because transformative treatment should be available to everyone, regardless of their financial circumstances. 6. No waitlist. Get started in just 1-2 business days once you are found eligible for the program. Contact me today for a free consultation to see if our program is the right fit for you
I've devoted my professional life to realizing a value-based approach to healthcare through telehealth. Prior to Noma Therapy, I served as the Chief Behavioral Health Officer for Prism Health North Texas supporting an integrated Behavioral Health service line certified as a Patient-Centered Medical Home with a distinction in Behavioral Health. I have cared for a wide range of vulnerable populations including incarcerated adults and juveniles, the elderly, those struggling with substance dependence, the military, people living with HIV/AIDS, and disaster victims. Additionally, he has provided advocacy, strategic leadership, and subject matter expertise to service organizations, academic centers, government agencies, professional organizations, and industry startups. I received my BA in Philosophy from Georgetown University and MD, MPH from Tulane University. I continued at Tulane with a combined residency in Internal Medicine and Psychiatry and General Medicine Fellowship.