Tobey T, LPCC

Licensed Mindfulness Based Counselor
Boulder CO
As a transpersonal therapist I am fascinated by the experiences in life that bring us outside of the mundane. This can include altered states like falling in love, grief work, and psychedelics. These extraordinary experiences shake our perception of self and how we view the world, offering us the opportunity to reconceptualize our lives in new and amazing ways. He is especially passionate about working with veterans, substance abuse issues, and the queer community. Racing thoughts and intense body sensations can overwhelm our rational brains taking away our autonomy. Mindfulness is a learned process that can give us back our control. Tobey weaves mindfulness practices into every appointment to build your mental muscle.
Are you ready for change? Tobey Tobey is a Transpersonal Therapist and Integration Coach. He received an MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, with a concentration in Mindfulness-Based Transpersonal Counseling from Naropa University. He is an active psychedelic advocate, community builder, and harm reduction specialist. He is a co-founder of Altered States Integration, an online organization that focuses on psychedelic education, integration, and risk reduction. Tobey believes in the power of a community container and enjoys facilitating support groups He has provided over a hundred psychedelic peer integration circles. His therapy internship focused on equine-assisted therapy sessions and groups. Tobey loves how experiential therapy offers an opportunity for connection, regulation and experiencing life through a different lens. He has over 8 years of experience in harm reduction, offering on-site peer support and drug education with Zendo Project, N.E.S.T., DanceSafe, Harmonia, and is the 4 year-past president of Psychedelic Club of Denver. Tobey is passionate about community outreach and policy change, including working on the successful decriminalization campaigns in Denver and D.C. He is excited to continue his work as a community builder and psychedelic advocate through Altered States Integration by training others to provide: drug education, peer integration support groups, and risk reduction services at events in the nightlife sector.
Start-2-Finish DIY Psychedelic Integration Circle: Workshop & Leadership Course - Are you wondering how you can be an activist for the psychedelic movement? Have you dreamed of creating a community around Psychedelics? Starting a community integration circle is a great way to provide community and support healing with psychedelics. We will take you from start to finish in creating a psychedelic integration support group in your area - even if you have no idea where to start. Come peek behind the curtain as we share the skills, tools, and templates we actually use in our own integration circles. This workshop will focus on three main areas of leadership: Administrative Tasks: finding & setting up the location Support Group Container: working with groups Facilitator Skills: becoming the leader you want to be Live Online - via zoom This start to finish workshop teaches you everything you need to feel empowered to start your very own psychedelic integration support group. We will offer coaching & problem solving sessions as we walk you through this process. There will be opportunities provided to co-lead Altered States Integration's integration circle and receive meaningful feedback from our coaching team.