Todd Brehm, MSW

Licensed Facilitator
Portland OR
Relationship is the key. I care most about helping you feel safe, supported, and brave. Trust is an essential element in the work of therapy and psychedelic journeys - trust in your Self, trust in your Inner Healing Wisdom, and Trust in the supports around you. I have extensive training and experience in mental health, however, in my work as a Licensed Facilitator I utilize a non-directive, holistic, and client-centered approach that supports you in determining the intentions, directions, and shapes of your journey. Basically, I hope to support you in figuring out where you wanna go and how you wanna get there. But also, it's a journey, not a destination ; ).
I have dedicated most of my career to supporting people on their healing/growth journeys - as a trained social worker/therapist working primarily with youth and families, and prior to that as an educator, teaching a variety of subjects to kids and adults. The unifying intention and theme throughout my work has been a profound appreciation for the world, a deep love for people with all of our perfect imperfections, and a firm belief in our inner healing power and wisdom. HUMILITY, GRATITUDE, and RESPECT are my guiding values for this work. I love spending time in nature, reading, and eating ice cream. My favorite color is purple.
As part of my support, I offer extensive preparation sessions in order for clients to fully embody their intentionality. I also offer extensive integration sessions for clients to harness the healing power of their journeys to promote lasting growth and change. Additionally, there is a strong focus on the music program (soundtrack) to personalize it for each client's preferences and intentions.