Toni Kim, MSW, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker
New York City NY
We work from the belief that you are whole, perfect, and complete – we know you have all the answers within you. We are here to awaken your inner recognition, understanding and awareness of the driving forces in your life. Holistic & Integrative Psychotherapy helps shine a light onto the shadows we are casting on the world that we often cannot see. After awakening to these life forces, we facilitate transformation through in-depth conversations and mind-body-spirit tools to inspire new insights, and provide actionable goals to expand those insights. We focus on creating a completely authentic relationship with your self.
I am a trained life coach and licensed psychotherapist with a Masters in Social Work (MSW) from New York University. I strongly embrace attachment theory, neuroscience and the transpersonal elements of the human condition in my approach with my clients. I believe in an integrated approach of addressing a person as a whole being and so I found it is essential to incorporate other holistic modalities such as mindfulness, meditation, breath work, and sound into the healing and transformational process. I am passionate about helping people get to the root of their suffering and distress, so that they can be in a state of creation rather than reaction to their lives. I have found for many people that symptoms of anxiety, depression, chronic illness and relationship/career issues are informative code red signals that something is out of balance in their mind-body-spirit alignment. I have experienced my own journey of awakening, transformation and transcendence. During this journey, I have learned some powerful tools that I know can bring many other people the healing, love, peace, joy and fulfillment they are looking for. I work in philosophical alignment with positive psychology which states that human goodness and excellence are as authentic as human flaws and inadequacies. My superpower is seeing the human goodness and excellence that often goes unnoticed.