Tozia Ware, LPC, NCC

Temporary Licensed Profession Counselor #6958
Nashville TN
Clients describe me as a fellow traveler on their healing journey, someone who walks alongside them with empathy and a deep understanding of the unique challenges they face. They appreciate my ability to: Hold space for their vulnerability: I create a safe haven where they can express their deepest struggles and triumphs without judgment. It's a space where they can shed their masks and be truly seen. Meet them where they are: Healing isn't a one-size-fits-all process. I tailor my approach to each client's individual needs and pace, drawing from a toolbox of techniques to find what resonates most with them. Bridge the intellectual and the embodied: We don't just talk about your pain, we explore it. By incorporating somatic experiencing and Brainspotting, we can tap into the wisdom held within your body, uncovering new pathways to healing. Celebrate their victories (big and small): The road to healing is paved with both challenges and triumphs. I'm here to acknowledge and celebrate every step forward, no matter how small it may seem. Ultimately, the trust clients place in me comes from a genuine connection. They know I'm not just a therapist, but a fellow human being who deeply cares about their well-being and is committed to walking alongside them on their path to wholeness.
Hi there, my name is Tozia (TAH-zah). Our world isn't built for everyone to feel safe. For many of us, especially those who carry the weight of trauma, that feeling of safety can be especially elusive. Traditional talk therapy models often miss the mark, focusing on the mind at the expense of the body, where these experiences leave their deepest imprint. What sets our work apart is this: I understand the language your body speaks. We'll explore how past and present experiences such as trauma and racial issues have shaped your nervous system, your sense of self, and your interactions with the world. We won't shy away from the historical context, the systemic forces that contribute to your pain. Because true healing requires acknowledging the roots that bind us. But here's the thing: I don't believe in dwelling in darkness. Our journey together will be about reclaiming your power. We'll tap into your inherent resilience, the strength that's carried you through even the toughest times. Together, we'll rewrite the narratives that have held you back and create a life where you can truly thrive.