Trevor Bidstrup, LMHC, MA

Lead Psychotherapist for KAP Program
Bellevue WA
I am currently only seeing individuals via Northwest Ketamine Clinic's Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy Program. Please reach out to our clinic for additional information at 206-309-2299
Trevor Bidstrup is the lead Psychotherapist at Northwest Ketamine Clinics and the creator of their Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) program. He serves on the The American Society of Ketamine Physicians, Psychotherapists, and Practitioners' (ASKP3) Therapist Advisory Panel, is the President of the Professional Psychedelic Providers Association based in Seattle, WA, and serves as the Secretary of Harm Reduction Circle. He has been invited to speak at Bastyr University, KEXP's Sound and Vision, and was also featured on WavePath's recent press release. Prior to working with ketamine, he has worked at a variety of agencies around the Seattle area to treat the full spectrum of mental illness in adults, children, couples, and families. He is guided by the natural and holistically focused education he received from Bastyr University as well as the post-graduate KAP training he received at the Advanced Integrative Medical Sciences Institute. As part of his training in KAP he has also gone through a course of treatment himself, giving him perspective from both the provider and patient’s point of view. When working with Trevor, you can expect a therapy experience that is collaborative, accepting, and warm. His calming presence and gentle nature creates an environment that cultivates a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world around us. Wellness looks different for each of us, and Trevor is here to help you find what that means for you.
The KAP Program here at Northwest Ketamine Clinics involves a psychological assessment, preparation prior to your first infusion, 6 infusions at a rate of twice weekly for 3 weeks, and 6 Integration sessions (scheduled 2-3 days following each infusion). I will personally be with you throughout the entire process start to finish, and will ensure a smooth transition to ongoing support if needed.