Tristan Bennett, LMSW

New York City NY
I view therapy as a collaborative endeavor. I work with clients in a way that values non-hierarchy and I will be there to support your journey, the path of which is determined by you. My role is to help us determine the goals you’d like to focus on during our work together and to support our mutual accountability in working toward those goals. We are a team and you’re in charge. We go where you want, how you want, and when you want.
I feel extraordinarily fortunate to be connecting with you about doing this work together. It is something I take very seriously and try to practice joyfully. Therapy, both in the receiving and the giving, has enriched my life beyond measure. It is my job to share some of that with you. I was not born a therapist. I have been a working poet and a public school teacher, a construction worker and a guide for transpersonal healing work. I have run a community bike shop in New Orleans and led a team of Water Protectors in service to the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. I have helped to organize and build large festivals like Burning Man and I have managed a food pantry in Portland. By necessity I am steeped in harm reduction and crisis intervention methods. Helping those experiencing difficulty in their relationship with drugs and alcohol is a special interest of mine. I came of age as an activist in the queer punk communities of post-Katrina New Orleans. I carry many of those values into my work as a therapist. I identify as queer, gender-expansive, and sex positive. My approach is open and understanding of all expressions of consensual relatedness and cognizant of the unique challenges faced by those navigating queerness in America today. A native of New York City, I hold a Master’s Degree in Social Work from New York University where I founded the Student Association for Psychedelic Studies. While at NYU I also conceived of and co-produced the annual NYU Symposium on Psychedelic Justice, a conference centering anti-oppressive and anti-capitalist voices in the psychedelic community.
Integration Services, Sliding Scale, Anti-Oppressive, Anti-Capitalist Framework