Vanathy Paranthaman, RN, CHPCN-c

Registered Nurse & Somatic Therapist
Vancouver BC
I work with clients through a variety of modalities: Online and in person one on one counselling and coaching Online and in person group coaching sessions In person workshops Modalities used: Trauma Trained Compassionate Inquiry Parts work/IFS Somatic based therapies (experiencing and moment) Nervous system repair (dysregulated to regulated) Attachment based therapies (reparenting, integrative attachment approach)
Vanathy is a dedicated Registered Nurse with a strong commitment to holistic health and wellness. Her professional journey has led her to specialize in the field of plant and psychedelic medicines, with a particular focus on the transformative power of ketamine in the treatment of various mental health conditions. Her own journey with plant medicines has been extensive and an integral part of her experience. What sets Vanathy apart is her remarkable personal journey from struggling with major depressive disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, PTSD, and CPTSD to finding resilience and healing. She has learned to "ride the waves" of her own challenges, including overcoming childhood trauma and navigating complex family dynamics. This lived experience has granted her a profound ability to empathize with her clients and offer unwavering support during their darkest moments. Vanathy firmly believes in the innate wisdom of each individual and their capacity to achieve harmony and balance within themselves. Her guiding principle is encapsulated in her favorite quote: "We simply need to remove the obstacles standing in the way of our inner wisdom to let it work its magic." Motivated by a deep curiosity about the human psyche, Vanathy earned a Bachelor of Arts degree with a concentration in Psychology from Windsor University. She continued her academic pursuit at York University, where she obtained a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. Presently, Vanathy is a Registered Nurse registered with the British Columbia College of Nursing Professionals (BCCNP). Throughout her career, Vanathy has continuously expanded her knowledge by pursuing various therapeutic modalities. Her diverse training includes Breathwave, Yoga, Parts work/Internal Family Systems, Compassionate Inquiry (Dr. Gabor Mate), Psychedelic Lead Psychotherapy (TheraPsil), and the Gottman Method Couples therapy, Integrative Somatic Therapy, Clinical Somatic Movement Therapy, Integrative Attachment Therapy, Attachment reparenting, Nervous system restore and repair. Vanathy's unwavering dedication to holistic health and her unique journey of personal transformation make her a compassionate and highly skilled healthcare professional, empowering her clients to find their own paths to healing and well-being.
Counselling/Coaching Life coaching Relational coaching/counselling Microdosing Coaching Preparation and integration counselling coaching Regenerative & restorative Nurse aesthetics services coming soon