Vance Hansen, MACP, LAC, CCTP

Owner and Clinical Director
Loveland CO
I am a very interactive therapist. I bring my experience, education, training, and studies into the room with me. You are getting me, not just a therapist. When I deem it helpful, I will even share my personal experiences in order to illustrate that you are not alone on your journey.
Vance is a licensed addiction counselor, researcher, healer, and spiritual guide who has made it his mission to helping the sick, those who have been adversely affected by trauma, depression, anxiety, and addiction. His professional experience, training, and educational background combine evidence-based therapeutic practices and holistic healing modalities, including both ancient and modern healing arts. His formal education is in addiction psychology and he has numerous hours of training in theory and application of how to unlock your brain with the goal of overall wellbeing. Vance believes we behave the way we do because of our past and the people in it. His passion for understanding the intricacies of how painful past experiences and their far-reaching effects chain and blind us has lead him to discover a path to helping others break free from their traumas and cleanse the poison others have given us throughout our life. His own journey and experience working with people who have struggled with various substance and behavior-based issues has placed Vance in a unique position to offer a wholistic perspective to your mental health. He is driven to stay current on emerging trends, alternative methods and evidence-based interventions related to mental health. His current research includes how psychedelic medicine and guided psychedelic therapy actually awakens your brain with the potential to dissolve past baggage so true healing can begin. As a healer first, Vance employs holistic methods including talk therapy, meditation, breath-work, felt sense of safety, aromatherapy, somatic work, mindfulness, and other practices, depending on individual needs and goals. When appropriate, he draws on spiritual teachings and rituals as part of his healing guidance, incorporating techniques that provide grounding and calming while enabling clients to stay connected to themselves and their inner strength. No matter how difficult the road to recovery can be, Vance is here to provide compassionate and loving guidance to help clients unlock the answers that reside within and move toward living the lives of health, peace, and happiness they deserve. Giving you back the ability to choose your path.