Vanessa Hooper, LMHC, MEd, MA

Seattle WA
As a multicultural therapist, I help individuals and couples recognize how institutions of power, environment, family dynamics and personal histories influence and shape identity, values and decision making. Through our work together, clients are supported to identify and challenge narratives negatively impacting their life, to uncover their path for transformation. I works with individuals and couples of all identities and relationship types, who are wanting a change and a desire to deepen their understanding of one another, work through trauma, explore setbacks in their relationships, and build a safe space for liberation, empowerment, and connection. Using a trauma-informed, social justice approach clients and couples feel seen and heard, allowing for a safe place to revisit trauma, address conflict, confront betrayal and process life transitions.
Vanessa Hooper, LMHC, Licensed Psychedelic Therapist is a trauma-informed therapist based in Seattle, WA. She identifies as biracial, born and raised in Seattle by her Mexican family. Before working in private practice, Vanessa gained extensive clinical experience at various Washington locations working with incarcerated youth, houseless elders and individuals with a history of severe substance abuse and childhood trauma. Vanessa has also spent extensive time on research projects related to the effects of Intergenerational Trauma, mixed identity issues, and vicarious trauma. She is motivated by the collaborative impact psychedelics and therapy can provide for healing generational wounds, helping clients find meaning and purpose. Vanessa comes from a lineage of curanderas, considered spiritual healers, and she brings together diverse aspects of healing to help clients lead more fulfilling lives. If you're interested to learn more about Psychedelic Integration and Cannabis Assisted Psychotherapy, contact Vanessaa for a free consult at: You can send a phone call request via text at: 360-218-4787.
The path to healing can come with significant fear and uncertainty. For those interested in exploring the depths of psychedelics as tools for transformation, working with a therapist can help to wade through the unpredictability and move to a place of resilience and meaning. I offer support to help people prepare before and after consumption of psychedelic substances. The powerful transpersonal journeys, can open up old wounds as well as the re-emergence of trauma. My intention is to create a safe space for you to make meaning from your journey and the symbolism that comes forward. Our work together is meant to enhance your pre and post-psychedelic experience and guide you to reach for your therapeutic dreams.