Veronika Gold, MA, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
San Francisco CA
Veronika has an open minded, client centered, and collaborative approach. She meets her clients where they are and supports them and their inner healing capacity to find and develop resources they need, integrate and heal their past experiences, and facilitate their journey to psychological and spiritual wellness.
Veronika Gold, a Czech Republic native, made Bay Area her home in 2013. She has been interested in the exploration of consciousness and the healing potential of psychedelics since her teenage years. She has an expertise in the treatment of trauma and as well works with clients on preparation for and integration of psychedelic experiences and personal growth and relationship issues. She is a co-founder of Polaris Insight Center providing Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy and is a Sub-Investigator and Therapist on MDMA-Assisted Therapy for the treatment of PTSD. Veronika as well serves as a consultant and facilitator in EMDR and Organic Intelligence trainings.