Veronika Klempová, RP

Brno 64
In my approach I see that physical, neurobiological and psychological phenomena are understood as inseparable forms of one organism. I work with mindfulness-compassion techniques, body-grounded imagination, soft breath work and bioenergetic breath work. My work goes beyond talk therapy I use also transpersonal, spiritual approach. Therapeutic proces can be hard, especially when old traumas or deeply rooted emotions or experiences come to the surface, but we as humans have an unending supply of strength and in the therapeutic relationship is my role to help you remind of this strength. Psychedelic experiences can bring profound insights and/or tough issues and states, so working with a therapist can help you integrate those into daily life, beyond old patterns and behaviors.
My professional psychotherapeutic background started with drug addict clients. Firstly like outpatient treatment psychotherapist, later I had oportunity to run and develop various services for these clients, like an aftercare treatment program with recovery housing included. I was also running psychotherapeutic groups (closed, semi-closed, open). After 15 years in drug addiction services (working firstly as social worker, later as psychotherapist and manager), I’m working like a freelance psychotherapist.
Individual, couple psychotherapy, psychedelic ans psychospiritual integration, spiritual emergency.