Vhari Macbeth, LCSW

Licensed Clincical Social Worker
Provo UT
Let’s uncover what’s in your head and in your heart to integrate all of the parts of you toward more purpose and connection in your work and with those you love. I hope to be the fellow traveler who gets to hold space for you, watch in awe as you feel all the feels and boldly and cheer you onto your next great adventure.
“Growth is painful, change is painful but nothing is as painful as being stuck.” –Mandy Hale. Are you lying awake grasping at ways to understand and repair a rupture in an important relationship? Or does it feel like life’s latest setback has left you wondering who you are and what you want? I am here to create an oasis where you can unload the pain and discover core beliefs and experiences that underlie your current stuck points.
Psychedelic Preparation Psychedelic Integration Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy