Vicente Alonso, MA

MA Gestalt Psychotherapy and MA Clinical Psychologist
Tepoztlán MOR
I work intimately and deeply, creating a relationship of trust where the person can give space to their vulnerability and create new ways of dealing with their inner world. We begin by expanding awareness of the nature of suffering and the functioning of its character, creating a safe container to open and hold challenging emotions.
I am a Gestalt psychotherapist with a body and transpersonal approach. I have been integrating meditation, psychotherapy and amplified states of consciousness for more than ten years to create a deep and complete approach that promotes self-knowledge and personal and spiritual development. My path began at an early age, with a main interest in Buddhist teachings and non-ordinary states of consciousness. This interest led me to meet my teacher Claudio Naranjo, from whom I learned to know myself and deepen my personal path and above all to understand the importance of self-knowledge and emotional healing in spiritual development. As a consequence, I awakened a vocation for service, which led me to create workshops integrating these tools to accompany seekers on their healing path. In my personal process, the main axis is my path in the Pema Lingpa Dzogchen lineage, under the guidance of my teacher Gagteng Tulku Rincpoche. I am currently a provider of Ibogaine in a clinic in Mexico and a teacher in the international training of psychedelic psychotherapy of the Awe foundation. Co-director and teacher in the "psychedelic witnesses" training which is focused on training therapists to prepare, navigate and integrate psychedelic experiences from a therapeutic perspective. Creator of therapeutic groups with Microdoses, focused on healing trauma and self-knowledge.