Wallace Murray, RTC, CT

Registered Therapeutic Counsellor, Counselling Therapist, Hypnotherapist
Vancouver BC
Whatever comes up during psychedelic sessions, there is light at the end of the tunnel. I have been a witness to it, and I can tell you it is healing. The important element in my sessions is that we have trust and a connection to work together. That is why I offer no-charge consultations, so we can establish this. Following both modern therapeutic methods as well as Indigenous modalities, I help others to un-cover what they come to know. During our sessions, as we discover more about you, this information informs me to choose the best approach/method to hold you while you uncover your truth. The focus of the healing process is the restoration of relationships that have become out of balance. As a counsellor, one is a supporter in a shared experience of learning and growing, with assessments usually being completed by the person being helped. I use questions, storytelling, humour, modelling, and proven methods to raise your awareness of your wholeness and interrelationships within life. When called, I use the healing power of hypnosis, trauma therapy approaches, parts therapies, Compassionate Inquiry as developed by Gabor Mate, Deep Brain Reorienting as pioneered by Frank Corrigan, indigenous modalities, and the growing field of plant medicines/ psychedelic studies, for connecting within ourselves: spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional. I use a two-eyed approach of both modern and Indigenous knowledge when doing so
In my private practice, I work one-to-one, in groups, and online with clients from all over the world, guiding others to un-cover possibilities and paths to life. In terms of my recognized Canadian titles, I am a Counselling Therapist with the Association of Counselling Therapy of Alberta, a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor. In terms of broader accreditation, I am a Member of the Psychodynamic Association of Canada, a Senior Member of the ACCPH UK, and a member of the Society for Shamanic Practice. My studies include an Advanced Bachelor’s degree, and a graduate degree, a Post Baccalaureate Graduate Diploma. I also have an Advanced Counselling Skills Diploma. I am a Compassionate Inquiry Practitioner, a 240-hour, year-long, graduate level training in a psychotherapy mental health approach developed by Gabor Mate. I am also a Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner as well as a Master Practitioner of NLP. I also draw from over 26 years of professional experience as an adult educator, global coach and trainer, alongside my counselling practice. At present, my primary focus outside my practice is supporting mental health support workers and doing counselling and assessments within Aboriginal Services. What focuses me into integration work are my first-hand experiences into the power of psychotherapy alongside ongoing plant medicine work and how much more impactful it is than trying to heal ourselves on our own. Two, I have also experienced firsthand the ongoing integration work after and how much more impactful that is as well. Three, I witness the growth that clients are doing as well as the ceilings and confusion they still have after all the learnings psychedelics share with them. Recently, a new client shared about her terror experiences with Ayahuasca. After working together, she began to realize the treasures that Ayahuasca was giving her to explore and heal. And, with all the research that confirms this, I am grateful to be witness to the work we are doing together. I welcome working with you.
Emerging Changes We are focusing on educational and training opportunities in psychedelic and plant medicine support and integration along with our continued learning into many other non-ordinary states. With the emergence of psychedelics and plant medicine as being a part of clinical healing modalities, we feel that increased focus on psychedelic harm reduction and psychedelic crisis response is the best way we can be of service to this emerging field at this time. As legislation is evolving and different jurisdictions allow for psychedelics, we are doing our best to stay current. At present, I have completed an Advanced Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy (PaT) Training Certificate, a Graduate microprogram in Psychedelic Studies at the University of Ottawa, and presently completing an MA with my thesis focused in psychedelic studies. Our future aim is to continue learning within clinical trials, and to provide complex individual treatment plans in our Canadian partner multidisciplinary clinics as well as participate in and offer retreats in legal jurisdictions.