Welling Centre

Edmonton AB
We take the time to understand not only what has happened recently that pushed a person to seek help, but also what made the person vulnerable to the disturbance originally so that we can help that person to feel balanced, to grow, and to feel whole. We offer a range of holistic services to support this.
We all have a need to stay balanced, to grow, and to feel whole. When we don’t attend to this need, we do not feel well. This can manifest as physical illness or psychological distress. The resources we need to stay balanced, to grow, and to feel whole are within each of us, but sometimes we have trouble finding them on our own. At Welling Centre, our goal is to help you to discover the hidden resources that would allow you to find your source of wellness once again. We offer psychological and other mental health services, massage, osteopathic, and much more. We also offer psychedelic integration services and will be expanding into psychedelic-assisted therapy.
Psychology/psychotherapy Massage Osteopathic manual therapy Homeopathy and yoga may also be available