Wesley Ryan, MD

Marina del Rey CA
I see clients at my private practice office in Marina Del Rey, in a comfortable environment overlooking the water. While I specialize in the use of ketamine to augment psychotherapy, I also provide non-psychedelic services and consultations to many, where I integrate the latest knowledge in psychotherapy, psychopharmacology, non medical interventions, evidence based medicine, and vitamin/nutrient repletion. I offer people a tailor made treatment plan, drawing from a wide variety of treatment options as everyone is different. Ketamine sessions are typically ninety minutes in duration, administered via the intramuscular route, and take place after an initial hour long evaluation, initially in a series of six sessions over approximately 3-4 weeks transitioning to less frequent maintenance visits. More information is available on my website.
Dr. Ryan is a board certified psychiatrist and addiction psychiatrist practicing on the west side of Los Angeles. He attended UC Irvine for medical school, went on to UCLA-SFV for psychiatry residency, and then University of Washington for an addiction psychiatry fellowship. During his training he started researching ketamine as a legal psychedelic with healing potential, going on to author several articles and a book chapter, as well as giving talks on the subject, eventually starting a clinic where he provides ketamine assisted psychotherapy along with other mental health services. Additionally, he has worked in various research settings, accumulating published articles and presentations on such topics as ketamine for treatment resistant depression, cannabis, psychedelics, club drugs, hallucinogens, and addiction. Through his diverse experiences and training in both pharmacology and psychotherapy, Dr. Ryan’s approach integrates individually tailored medication management, therapeutic interventions, and lifestyle changes with novel treatment options, in an empathic, non-judgmental, safe space, effectively helping clients find their motivation for change and improvement. He has applied these principles in those with PTSD and other anxiety disorders, depression, bipolar disorder, psychotic disorders, and substance use disorders. He is well versed in psychodynamic psychotherapy and particularly enjoys working with individuals in helping them achieve meaningful personal growth.