Wholeness Center

Fort Collins CO
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We are a Fort Collins mental health center, serving the entire Northern Colorado community and beyond. Our goals are simple. We want to provide you with the best care possible to re-establish health and wholeness. To accomplish this we have placed the optimum mix of conventional and holistic services under one roof. We blend the best of both fields with an emphasis on safety and science. Our collaborative team approach means that we listen. Really listen. To recognize your unique individuality, we have a top-notch team trained to work together to meet your needs. Effective communication and collaborative care are essential elements to a happier, healthier family. We offer a variety of mental and behavioral health services to our patients. From integrative psychiatry, functional medicine, IV Therapy, brain mapping/TIER report, neurofeedback, counseling and therapy, to nutritional support, and other mindfulness therapies. We are able to treat adults and children with a variety of symptoms including anxiety, depression, behavioral issues, bipolar, ADD, ADHD, autism spectrum disorders, PANDAS, and individual and relationship issues.