Will Hamilton, PhD

Clinical Psychologist
Asheville NC
As a licensed psychologist, I consider it my responsibility to help my clients become unstuck from particularly difficult circumstances and have the courage and self-compassion to make changes in their lives. To this end, I primarily use behavioral treatments that strongly emphasize acceptance of one’s current experience, the development of mindfulness, and dedication to one’s values. I also frequently use biofeedback and neurofeedback (including ultra low frequency training) as methods to help relax and stabilize physiology. My clinical specialties include helping patients with chronic pain/migraines), brain injuries, those adjusting to serious illness, and those interested in experiencing transformational states through the use ketamine assisted therapy. However, as a generalist, I frequently help people seeking any form of behavior change, including those with mood disorders, excess/post-traumatic stress, addictions, and anyone seeking a different relationship with a mind that may be unkind.
I received my PhD in clinical psychology from Pacific Graduate School of Psychology in Palo Alto, California in 2009, and my studies were heavily focused in neuropsychology. Most of my clinical training in graduate school was with veterans suffering from trauma and brain injuries, as well as older veterans. My Internship was at the Salt Lake City VA Hospital, and I had pretty wide-ranging clinical rotations, including inpatient psychiatry, physical medicine, primary care, outpatient trauma, and pain management. My postdoctoral work was at Kaiser Health’s Chronic Pain Management Program in San Francisco, California, and I have a lot of familiarity helping individuals with complex health issues, migraines, and ongoing pain. I have been in licensed practice in North Carolina since 2011, and I’ve been in private practice since 2013. Prior to all this, I grew up in Asheville and went to undergrad at UNC-Chapel Hill, where I studied Anthropology and Chemistry. I have a background in contemplative practices, and have enjoyed meditation, martial arts, and yoga for many years, which had partly led me into the professional practice of psychology. I also enjoy hiking, traveling, and reading, and I’ve recently been giving various workshops related to Meditation and Neuroscience, Chronic Pain Management, and Positive Psychology.