Yana Lechtman, PsyD

Clinical Psychologist
New York City NY
I place a special focus on interpersonal connection and the ability to understand and cope with any and all emotional experience. While providing a respectful and non-judgmental environment, I will encourage an open and honest communication about your experiences in and outside the context of a psychedelic journey. Together we will dive into exploring the underlying issues that contribute to your emotional distress or dissatisfaction, and work on weaving in and integrating your experiences across states of consciousness into a whole and holistic understanding of yourself.
Throughout my life, creating authentic connections with others has been my passion. I have always been curious about those I met along the way, and strived to create honest and meaningful relationships. These values are the foundation of my way of engaging in our journey of therapy. I believe that an accepting, compassionate, encouraging, and playful environment is essential for therapy, and allows for true connection and growth — and I am invested in facilitating that process.