Yanina Rivera Lopez, LCSW

Psychotherapist and Clinical Training Specialist
Berkeley CA
I believe that you are the expert in your own life. I specialize in providing and teaching methods that allow us to work collaboratively; to create an environment and approach that is uniquely tailored to your goals. While also looking at how systems (from family to global) impact your day to day. My experience in community mental health, expressive arts, and play therapy allow for non traditional, flexible and adaptable healing sessions that are also evidenced based.
My name is Yanina Rivera Lopez, LCSW and I am a proud Boricua with a passion for fostering healing in individuals and communities. I grew up in a very intentional Puerto Rican community. My upbringing was guided by the principle that we would “not assimilate, we would integrate” and that stepping into our home meant entering Puerto Rico. I am first generation in the states and while I am 100% Boricua, I identify as bilingual and bicultural; an intimate life experience that informs my values and my practice. I grew up in a community of faith. In this tightly-knit community, we embraced the value of collective care, a sentiment that forms the core of my work today—whether in art, psychotherapy, or activism. Community, and how one is influenced by their surroundings is the reason I chose the path of social work. To better understand and navigate the profound impact that these systems have on our daily lives, from our emotional well-being to our physical health. My journey into therapy is seamlessly interwoven with a background in community arts practice, activism and dance training. These seemingly distinct elements converge to shape my therapeutic approach, allowing me to incorporate somatic healing, expressive arts, and guided imagery as integral components of my practice. I grew up in a Christian household and while my spirituality is fluid and not tied to a specific ideology; In my commitment to decolonize mental health, I draw on the rich tapestry of spiritualities and beliefs. To decolonize my work, is to draw on indigenous knowledge, always with the intention of respect and accountability. My goal is to challenge preconceptions, fostering environments that not only acknowledge but celebrate cultural nuances. As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, I carry the torch forward, driven by the belief that transformation is not only possible but essential for our collective well-being. My work is not just a career; it's a calling—an opportunity to create spaces where healing is inclusive and culturally resonant.
Individual Psychotherapy, Family Therapy, Parenting Skills, Groups, Healing Arts Retreats, Workshops and Clinical Training (curriculum development and/or delivery).