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To assure high quality, safe, and ethical services, all providers in our Network are screened and are either licensed or have worked on psychedelic research studies.
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So that you receive bespoke care, providers in our Network specialize in diverse therapeutic modalities. Choose the therapists or guide that best matches your needs.
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Through their practice, education, and trainings related to psychedelics, providers are skilled to support transformation through care that puts your healing at the center.

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Psychedelic medicine is on its way. Clinical trials are progressing for psychedelic-assisted therapies for PTSD, depression, anxiety, substance use disorders, alcohol drinking, migraines, OCD, eating disorders, end-of-life anxiety, and more.
We’ve assembled a global network of clinics, therapists, counselors, social workers, psychologists, medical doctors – find a practitioner to meet near you or online. Our providers offer services related to ketamine, psychedelics, plant medicines, integration, transformational preparation, mental health, and personal growth.

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