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Give the Gift of Education

Get Educated on Psychedelics from Leaders in the Field
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Psychedelic Support publishes evidence-based learning from leaders in the psychedelic field. The courses, workshops and trainings are great for medical professionals as well as the general public searching for the latest information on psychedelic compounds and their uses in therapy.
Learn more about how our gift card program works:
How does the gift card work?
The gift card is a code that can be used at checkout on Psychedelic Support. We'll email the gift card to the purchaser and you can print and give to your friends or family or forward the email.
Which products can I use the gift card on?
You may use the gift card on the products which we sell in our store. For example you may use the gift card to purchase a Psychedelic Support completion or CE/CME certificate for our Ketamine, Psilocybin, or MDMA courses