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Author: Manoj Doss, DO, MPA, MUSA
Manoj Doss, DO, MPA, MUSA
Dr. Manoj Doss, is the Founder and Medical Director of the Institute for Integrative Therapies, or IIT, the first psychedelic medicine clinic in Minnesota. IIT applies a bio-psycho-spiritual approach to care in order to produce small, incremental changes in how patients think, react, and behave, which ultimately leads to living a more purposeful and content life. Dr. Doss is a board-certified physician whose passion in psychedelic medicine stems from a recognition that many of his patients were suffering from depression, anxiety and trauma, but were not realizing significant benefits from current treatment options. As this field grows, he wants the IIT clinic to be a standard in the ethical practice of psychedelic medicine. Learn more at about Dr. Doss’s work at the IIT website or on his Psychedelic Support practitioner profile.