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Professional Connect is a networking platform for psychedelic providers to find and offer supervision, prescribing, & jobs.
Network effectively within psychedelics and boost your career.
Author: Pamela Hadfield
By Pamela Hadfield
March 14, 2022(Updated: April 28, 2022)

Within this article, we address the difficulties of professional networking for mental health professionals within psychedelics. Whether you’re looking to treat patients with a co-therapy team or find a prescribing physician for psychedelic substances, connecting with the right individuals can seem daunting. Fortunately, Psychedelic Support is offering a new networking solution called Professional Connect.

Psychedelic clinical trials for MDMA and psilocybin indicate significant positive results in treating PTSD and treatment-resistant depression. With the FDA granting breakthrough designation status for MDMA and psilocybin, psychedelic clinical trials are fast-tracked to bring these life-saving treatments to patients as quickly as possible. As psychedelic healthcare and medicine becomes mainstream, the need for access to psychedelic therapy and trained psychedelic therapists will grow.

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Becoming a psychedelic therapist puts you on the transformational edge of mental healthcare within a new professional niche. But, whether you are interested in becoming a psychedelic therapist or are already practicing as one, the psychedelic professional landscape is confusing, and navigating laws, insurance, and training programs are difficult. 

Common Questions Among Psychedelic Healthcare Providers

Common questions among healthcare professionals within the psychedelic field are:

  • Where do I receive adequate training?
  • How do I find a supervisor to meet certification requirements?
  • Where do I find a prescribing physician for psychedelic substances?
  • How do I connect with others to build a co-therapy team?
  • Where can I network with other healthcare providers within the space?
  • How do I get answers to clinical questions that come up in my practice with these new medicines?

Professional Connect, a new networking platform for psychedelic healthcare providers, answers these questions. Launched by Psychedelic Support, the premier psychedelic resource site, Professional Connect aims to bring together a diverse set of healthcare professionals focusing on psychedelic care. With Professional Connect, healthcare providers can now search for or offer services for supervision, training, medication prescribing, therapy services, groups, research, and more. 

Dr. Allison Feduccia, Co-Founder of Psychedelic Support, says, 

“We created Professional Connect because we see the need for a professional networking space for healthcare providers working with psychedelics. Psychedelic therapy is a complex field in unchartered territory. Patients need a team of trained professionals (doctor, co-therapy team) to achieve the best outcomes, as shown in recent controlled clinical trials. 

But, therapists typically work independently, and there is a significant need for health professionals with diverse expertise to work together, share knowledge, supervise, and mentor each other. Psychedelics are transformational and new terrain within mental health care, and we see the need for depth and breadth of knowledge sharing.”

Increase Your Psychedelic Network of Healthcare Professionals 

Working as a healthcare provider can feel isolating, especially when diving into the new arena of psychedelic medicine. Being a part of Professional Connect will help you increase your network and maximize your reach and visibility. 

As a healthcare professional, you can easily connect to other professionals within the field. Networking with other providers, including those with complementary skills, will offer you access to specialized knowledge and a greater sense of community. It will also help you optimize your approach to psychedelic care and stay on the cutting edge of psychedelic medicine.

Within the developing psychedelic field, different kinds of practitioners need varying support. Professional Connect is designed to support resource and innovation sharing within the community of psychedelic care providers. Professional Connect will grow with you as you grow within the field.

Professional Connect Helps Your Network Effectively

Professional Connect will allow you access to the following:

Seek a Supervisor

psychedelic supervision

Are you looking to complete your psychedelic licensure or meet your psychedelic therapy supervision requirements? Professional Connect will help you find the supervisor within the modality or substance you’re most interested in.

Find a Supervisor

Find a Prescriber

ketamine prescriber

Do you need a relationship with a prescribing physician? If you want to work with ketamine, you need to find one. Professional Connect allows you to search by state and connect who offer prescription referral services. For free!

Find an MD

Build a Co-Therapy Team

psychedelic co-therapy members

Are you looking for others in the field to build a co-therapy team? Professional Connect will help you meet partners in the psychedelic field to meet rigorous FDA standards. 

Network with Providers

Psychedelic Providers: Hire or Be Hired 

psychedelic jobs

Are you looking for your next gig or looking to build out your clinic? Professional Connect puts you in touch with other healthcare providers who will help you achieve your goals.

Begin Your Search

How Professional Connect Works

It’s easy to get started with Professional Connect.

Here’s how it works:

  • Join the Psychedelic Support Network for free.
  • Create a profile. Connect with clients or other Network professionals.
  • List your services offered. Let the Network know what you are looking for, what you offer, or topics you are open to network around. Search and contact professionals that meet your needs.
  • Receive industry-specific information right to your inbox in our monthly newsletter. Chat with other professionals in our Network Slack forum. 

Get Connected

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Author: Pamela Hadfield
Pamela Hadfield
Pamela Hadfield is the Founder of HelloMD, the first Telehealth and educational platform within the cannabis industry. She has over a decade of experience in the cannabis and psychedelics industry and is a passionate advocate for access to complementary and alternative care. Pamela believes believes psychedelics to be the biggest healthcare disruptor of our generation. She's been featured in Rollingstone, Forbes, Now This and the New York Times as a pioneer within the field.

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