Can Ayahuasca Tell Me My Life Purpose?

Learn how to work with Ayahuasca to understand your life's purpose and make meaning of your inner and outer worlds.
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Author: Nina Izel
By Nina Izel
June 28, 2022(Updated: February 12, 2024)

Join Nina Izel as we learn about working with Ayahuasca to understand your life’s purpose.

Most people who come to my practice for Ayahuasca-assisted therapy are looking for their life purpose, meaning that this is the primary motivation behind their interest in this medicine.

They ask: Can the Mother Ayahuasca show me my purpose in life?

The Desire to Fulfill Our Destiny

What is my purpose in life?

Most of us ask this question at some point in our lives. But why is this so important for so many of us? Do you believe you have a life purpose? Do you know what that is?

I couldn’t say why this question plagued me early in my life.

I believe that we all have a unique purpose that most of us forgot when we came into this life. Some people, however, remember very well, and they are clear from early on why they are here and keep pursuing that path.

I believe we all have a deep, innate desire to fulfill that purpose through our journey in this life. Without this, we somehow feel somewhat unsatisfied, no matter the fame, money, or success we may have achieved otherwise.

Follow your Curiosity

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This deep internal calling to connect with your purpose and walk your unique path becomes an undeniable urge for some, setting them on a path of self-discovery to find their own unique gifts.

Plant medicines, especially the Mother Ayahuasca, can be a powerful tool to unlock these personal gifts and support us in removing obstacles and blockages so we can say yes to our destiny and step on our higher path of self-expression and service.

So many people called to this medicine are looking for their gifts and understanding their purpose in this place and this life.


Many think that Ayahuasca is a magic pill, a secret elixir that will provide a manual and clearly lay out their purpose and all the steps to manifest that life. We wish somebody would just tell us what to do and how to proceed so we could finally follow the right path. We don’t trust ourselves. We always look for answers outside, trusting others more than ourselves to tell us what is best for our lives.


While everything is possible and miracles can always happen, the answer to our question will likely come in a very different way, gradually unfolding as we start walking our path.

Our Internal Compass

If our life purpose is so vital that without fulfilling it, we will feel unsatisfied on a deep level, no matter how good and successful our lives are, then you would think there are built-in clues and skills that would help us to discover and follow that path that leads to the fulfillment of our purpose.

And guess what? There is!

I know most of you think you have no idea what I am talking about, but I promise that you do; you just have to think about it a bit.

If you have a gift, it means you are naturally very good at something. When you are good at something, you naturally enjoy doing it because it gives you joy. This practice and use of your gift will make it naturally better and stronger.

You can observe this simple fact just by looking at children.

Children are naturally drawn to certain things, activities, and fields of interest and are excited to pursue them and follow their interests. When you don’t influence children, they will follow their highest excitement. This simple fact, this internal guidance system that follows our natural joy and excitement, is precisely what guides us toward our highest gifts, purpose, and expression.

The Big Hijack

Unfortunately, society often teaches us to ignore this internal guidance and intuition and follow a path that others determine and accept.

We are encouraged to make a logical decision that leads to success, success that is defined by others.

For example, an artistic child may be encouraged not to pursue his or her interest in art, which is hard to make a living from, but instead pursue being an accountant or lawyer, which is more desirable and rewarded by society and the environment.

What happens is that instead of encouraging children to follow their excitement, joy, and highest expression, they are conditioned to fit into a societal framework formed by mainstream opinion.

We learn to disregard our feelings, joy, excitement, and intuition, as these qualities are deemed unimportant and undesirable. We learn to value logic and reason above all, be obedient, fit in, and succeed by doing what is accepted.

After a while, we start to forget our original dreams, joy, and excitement and convince ourselves that we are responsible grownups, so it’s time to stand in line.

Societal pressure, family expectations…. It is a lot.

Can Ayahuasca. A person's hand holding a magnifying glass above an out of focus highway, bringing cars in the distance into focus.

Deep down, we all want to be loved, seen, acknowledged, and accepted. We want to belong. We are social creatures, and one of our basic needs is connectedness. So, it is easy to fall into people pleasing.

Once we conform, willingly take our place in the machine, start to build our careers, maybe even start a family, buy a house, a car, or a condo, and take on more debt and financial pressure, we get stuck in a rut, drifting further away from our dreams, purpose, and passion.

Does This Sound Familiar?

But we also have another deep desire to be fulfilled, which can only come from fulfilling our purpose and sharing our unique gifts with others. At least, this is my experience.

These two deep desires often clash due to conditioning, education, and indoctrination.

But do they have to?

I believe not. I believe you can follow your path, dreams, and excitement and be fulfilled, happy, successful, abundant, and accepted.

Just look at famous people who created something amazing and unexpected. They dared to be different and follow their own unique path. They are rebels who refuse to conform and stand in the line.

Some people did what they were told, obeyed, played by the rules, climbed the corporate ladder, and ticked all the boxes. But in the end, they were still not happy. They still had the emptiness of unfulfilled dreams echoing inside, nagging them daily, whispering, ” It’s never too late. “

They may never listen. But one day, some may.

How Ayahuasca Works

As I said earlier, many expect the Mother Ayahuasca will tell them clearly what their purpose is and how to proceed on their path. And maybe She will, just not exactly in the way we expect or understand it.

In my experience, the way She lays it out is more like showing us what’s blocking the expression of our gifts and manifestation of our destiny. These blockages can manifest in many ways, such as fears, expectations, limiting beliefs, self-sabotage, or dysfunctional behavior.

Once we become aware of our internal blockages and limitations, we are empowered to change and unleash our purpose and higher expression.

So, the idea is that you already know your purpose, gifts, and path; only your eyes are obscured by internal obstacles and limitations. Once you can see those and let them go, you will see your purpose clearly, like the sun:)

Finally, all the information we receive during the ceremony may be exact or particularly symbolic. Usually, the Ayahuasca ceremony is the opening, the first step on a path that will lead you to your purpose and full expression, not the result. It’s essential to understand this.

Integration is the Key

Change is a gradual process most of the time.

Just because you didn’t get a clear answer during your Ayahuasca ceremony doesn’t mean your query was unanswered.

Most of the healing work happens after the ceremony, in the integration process. Clearing away all the layers, all the obstacles, takes time.

You need to learn to listen to that inner voice again.

You need to trust yourself and your internal guidance above all else.

You need to let go and surrender to the flow.

You need to give yourself permission to follow your highest excitement and joy.

This will take a moment! And you will need support! You will need professional guidance and a supportive community to remove your armor and begin to shine again. You are not meant to do this alone.

So, Can Ayahuasca Tell Me My Purpose in Life?

And after all this, the expression of your purpose and gifts will transform over time as you grow and evolve. Everything changes; that is the only constant in life.

In the end, let’s go back to our question:

Can Ayahuasca Show Me My Life Purpose?

Yes, She can definitely help you by showing you what is blocking you and helping you remember your purpose. However, you need to remove those blockages, follow your path, and act upon that calling. Only you have the power to truly change your life, and you can.

Imagine a world where we all do what we love, where our work is our highest expression of joy and passion. What that world would look like?

We can create that world.

Follow your path.

Blessings on your journey!

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Author: Nina Izel
Nina Izel
Nina Izel is a healer, teacher, and author of the book: Heart Medicine, Ayahuasca Assisted Therapy and the Integration Process. Nina combines psychology, holistic healing tools and shamanic healing technologies to assist individuals to take back the power over their health and life. Nina's motto is "You are the healer and love is the medicine!" Learn more at Nina's website or her Psychedelic Support community group.

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