How to change your core beliefs with Ayahuasca?

Core beliefs are a key part of how we understand and move through the world. Join Nina Izel in learning more about your core beliefs.
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Author: Nina Izel
By Nina Izel
March 20, 2023

Core beliefs, behavior and psychedelic assisted therapy

You create your reality through your mind, which shapes your core beliefs.

Maybe this seems like a familiar new age concept, but what does it really mean?

Your beliefs, values, and ethics – in other words what you believe in – will determine your actions in life including your behavior. Your actions always have consequences, and they form your life experience, good or bad.

For example, if you believe that life is hard and money comes through sweat and tears, you will act according to this belief and create your expected reality, hardship and lack in this case. The consequence of your actions will affirm your original expectations and your core belief (life is hard). Then you will assume that your core belief was true based on what happened, and you keep believing it. To get out from this catch-22 you have to become aware and transform the core belief (life is hard) and create a different behavior.

The nature of your mind – How the mind works?

To understand how you create your reality through your mind, you have to understand first how your mind works. To picture your mind, imagine an iceberg. The tip of the iceberg, say 5% is above the water, and the bigger part of the iceberg 95% is under the water, hidden from sight when you are looking from above.

The tip of the iceberg is your conscious mind, and the bigger part of the iceberg, under water, is your unconscious mind. In other words, your conscious mind (5%) is your thinking mind, all the things you are aware of right now, and your unconscious mind (95%) is hidden from you, and contains all the things you are not aware of but they are still part of you.

Imagine your belief system, all your values, ethics, principles like a tree inside the iceberg. The root of the tree is touching the bottom of the iceberg. The roots represent your core beliefs and the branches and leaves represent more surface beliefs and thoughts that are connected to a specific core belief.

Core beliefs and the unconscious mind

Core beliefs determine your basic behavior and identity. To really change a behavior, to uproot a bad habit, you have to dig down and go into the unconscious to change the connected core belief.

This means for example if you want to manifest more money and every day repeat your positive affirmations about money to change your mindset, this might have a short-term positive effect.

But if your core belief about money (that you are unaware of) says money is the root of all evil, guess what is going to manifest? You will create lack, because on the fundamental level you are in resistance to money.

Therefore, your unconscious manifestations will be always more powerful than the conscious ones until you reach a level of awareness and clear your unconscious mind from limiting beliefs.

This is the simple reason for why so many people want/desire something strongly but are not able to create it, manifest it in their life, or instead manifest the opposite of what they desire.

The origin of core beliefs – Where do core beliefs come from?

What is in your unconscious and how did it get there?

This is a most important question. Think about your body as hardware and your mind/belief system like software. Let’s assume that when you are born you have a body ()  you don’t have belief system (software). To be able to navigate and operate in this world you need a software/belief system.

Because nature is wise and intelligent, in the first 7 years of your life, your brain waves are in a theta (half-hypnotic) state that helps you to absorb, download beliefs/behaviors from your immediate environment and primary care givers. At this stage you don’t have discernment regarding what to absorb or not absorb from your environment. You will absorb everything healthy and dysfunctional alike.

By the age of 7, you will already have a formed identity/working operating system you absorbed from your family and environment. Most of this information will sink into your unconscious and form your core belief system. This is the simple reason why most people say I am never going to be like my parents, but in the end they are shocked to hear the same words coming out of their mouths that their parents once said.

How does your unconscious manifests in your everyday life?

How do you really know that you have unconscious, limiting core beliefs?

Well, your conscious mind might not be aware of them, but you can certainly observe their effects in your life. How?

Most simply, no matter what you do, you are just not happy. This is a main indication that something in your unconscious is blocking/limiting you from manifesting what you desire. Another big red flag is when you keep repeating the same mistakes. No matter how much you try to change a certain behavior, you are just stuck in the old patterns.

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Manifesting the opposite of what you want is another sign of a contradicting unconscious belief. This is easily observed in relationships, many of you ask, how did I end up with this person?

In general, when you do not get what you want/desire, that is a good indicator to look deeper and venture into your unconscious.

Awareness and shadow work

How can you make the unconscious conscious?

To find a way out of the above-mentioned predicament, you have to bring the light of awareness to your unconscious self. This is also called shadow work.

You need to become aware of what is in your ‘basement’, the bottom of your iceberg, your unconscious mind. You cannot change what you are not aware of. Awareness is the key to change.

Once you become aware of a core belief, you can reflect on it and see if it serves you or limits you. If it limits you, you can change it and let it go.

Ayahuasca expands awareness

How can you become aware of what you are not aware of?

There are many paths and ways from meditation through therapy and spiritual practices.

Without a doubt, plant teachers like Ayahuasca are the most powerful tools to accelerate the expansion of awareness. Ayahuasca0assisted therapy allows people to take advantage of this expanded awareness and utilize it in their healing work to create long lasting change faster.

The Mother Ayahuasca herself, like a surgical tool, helps us to access core wounds and core beliefs that limit our everyday life and create suffering. She helps us to break through natural fear and resistance to go deeper, saving us valuable time to reach the root of our problems.

Change your mind, change your life

Real, sustainable change can only arise from deep within the individual.

Once you create change deep in your unconscious mind, in the core belief system, you are changing your software. As you operating system changes, your behavior will naturally change, your actions will be different, and so the consequences will change too.

You won’t need a mantra or focused will power to maintain the new behavior, it will feel natural to you.

There are many ways to change your mind. Try different things and see what works best for you. Whatever path you take, reflect and see if it changes your life for the better. If there is no change, choose another path to take. If you keep going, you will find your way!

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Author: Nina Izel
Nina Izel
Nina Izel is a healer, teacher, and author of the book: Heart Medicine, Ayahuasca Assisted Therapy and the Integration Process. Nina combines psychology, holistic healing tools and shamanic healing technologies to assist individuals to take back the power over their health and life. Nina's motto is "You are the healer and love is the medicine!" Learn more at Nina's website or her Psychedelic Support community group.

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