15 Apps and Websites To Enhance Your Psychedelic Trip

We take a look at 15 apps and websites that can help enhance your psychedelic trip and improve your experience, healing and well-being.
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Author: Katharine Chan, MSc, BSc, PMP
By Katharine Chan, MSc, BSc, PMP
July 9, 2023

We live in an age where technology is literally at our fingertips. The days when listening to the radio could entertain a family for hours are long gone. Many individuals long for the simple days and prefer to embark on a tech-free psychedelic trip. 

However, others are leaning toward online tools and apps to help elevate their transformative experiences and improve their healing and well-being. Here we take a look at 15 apps and websites that can enhance your psychedelic trip

1. Polyfauna

Polyfauna was not created to enhance a psychedelic trip; Radiohead, Nigel Godrich, Stanley Donwood and Universal Everything created it as an experimental collaboration.

Although it wasn’t intended to be used during a trip, the Polyfauna app creates an augmented reality that can elevate your audiovisual experience. Upon downloading the app, your tablet becomes a window into a constantly changing world. You can move around and explore the surreal landscape by touching and drawing on the screen.

You can download Polyfauna here.

2. Trip

Trip is a self-guided app that helps users make the most out of their transformative experiences. It was created by Field Trip Digital LLC, a team working on “redefining mental health and well-being through consciousness-expanding tools and resources”. 

The Trip app helps you feel centered, set your intention, and select a soundscape before your journey. During your experience, you can record your voice to capture what’s on your mind at the moment and journal your insights directly in the app.

You can download Trip here.

3. A Way To Go

This website allows you to run through a forest. It is an interactive world where you can explore different dimensions. You press W to walk, E to run and the spacebar to jump. 

Once you begin, your cursor disappears to create an immersive experience. To show your cursor and pause the experience, you press Esc.

Download Enter A Way To Go here.

4. Wavepaths

Incorporating a transformative playlist into your trip can greatly elevate your experience. Playing the right music can be deeply therapeutic and healing in psychedelic therapy. Wavepaths was created as a tool that “facilitates live, unique, personalized music experiences for therapeutic and personal use”. 

It is designed for care providers to support their therapeutic process and provide customized music experiences for their clients.

Learn more about Wavepaths here (Get 10% off with coupon code: PSPARTNER10)..

5. Last Voyage

If you’re a fan of science fiction and interactive games, Last Voyage will definitely amplify your psychedelic trip. In 2015, Apple named this game “One of the 15 Most Imaginative Games.” 

As the captain of a ship, you enter portals, solve mind-bending puzzles, and explore direct and indirect mysteries through 10 unique chapters.

You can download Last Voyage here.

6. Waking Up – A New Operating System for Your Mind

Sam Harris, a neuroscientist and author, created an app to guide mindfulness and meditation practices. The app features lessons and conversations with world-renowned teachers on psychedelic research, sleep, effective altruism, and Stoicism.

Start with the introductory series and deepen your practice with 10-20 minute daily meditations and 1-min insights. Many find a daily meditation practice complementary to psychedelic experiences.

Learn more about Waking Up here.

7. Field Trip Health and Wellness

Self-proclaimed as the “Self-Discovery Companion”, the Field Trip Health and Wellness app provides a basic knowledge foundation for those who have never had a psychedelic experience before. It acts as a map for discovering your mind. 

Specifically, it offers a mood-tracking tool, insight logging, voice recording, intention setting, meditations, immersive audio experiences, and access to supportive community groups. 

Enhance Your Psychedelic Trip. A top-view of a rose pink table with the corner of a MacBook along the bottom. On the left is the edge of a metallic peach mug with black coffee in it. A person's hands from the right are holding a phone facing up towards the camera. Exploding from the phone screen is a rainbow of what appears to be colorful powder.

8. Fluid Simulator

Become mesmerized by this website’s visually stunning fluid simulator. Move your cursor around to see colorful designs flow in beautiful patterns and shapes. You can adjust settings including density diffusion, bloom intensity and threshold and splat radius.

9. Lumenate: Beyond Meditation

This research-backed app was developed through hundreds of EEG brain scans. It can enhance your psychedelic trip by neurologically guiding you with stroboscopic light patterns. 

You use the app by shining the light from your phone’s flashlight with your eyes closed. The science-based light patterns allow your subconscious to create a kaleidoscope of colors. The immersive experience can help you reach a deep and powerful meditative state. 

Learn more about Lumenate here

10. Magic Fluids Lite

This fun, interactive simulation game aims to help you calm down, relieve stress, relax and spark creativity. Touching the screen creates a trippy, hypnotic pattern of fluid dynamics. The light and shadow effects and eye-catching visuals are stunningly beautiful.

Click here to download Magic Fluids Lite for free.

11. Fraksl

Do you love looking at intricately complex structures such as snowflakes, crystals, lace, coastlines and/or tree branches? You can wind down, and reach a deep focus state by creating mesmerizing fractal art with this interactive app.

Download Fraksl for free.

12. Forge of Neon — 3D Sandbox Art

Doodle, draw, sketch or scribble with this interactive art game. Zoom in, zoom out or spin your neon light design and make it 3D. With 16 different brushes and a full spectrum of colors to choose from, Forge of Neon allows you to augment your trip and reality.

13. SkyView Lite

Take your mind-altering trip to the next level by going outside and stargazing with SkyView Lite. This app helps you understand how you are connected in the universe. 

Simply point your device to the sky and spot galaxies, stars, satellites and constellations. You can travel to the future or the past to view the sky at different time points.

You can seriously unplug during your experience since the app does not require Wi-Fi to work.

14. Tick Tock

Tick Tock is a trippy website that displays an optical illusion of clocks in a pattern that changes color.

15. Sand Castles

Going to the beach, spending hours forming sand castles and watching them get washed away by the tide are some of the best childhood memories. 

The Sand Castles website gives you a calming and relaxing environment to relive that experience and see your creations slowly sink and disappear in the water. It helps you visualize the impermanence of our existence.

It’s important to note that an app or website should not serve as a professional guide for a psychedelic experience. If you need additional support you can find a therapist near you with experience in helping others navigate psychedelic realms. 

Learn more about how to prepare for a plant medicine journey here. It includes setting your intention, deciding what plant or fungi to work with, and practical questions to answer before starting your journey.

Please take a look at our free courses and become educated about the risks and benefits of plant medicine. Psychedelic substances are powerful; therefore, safety and responsible use are of utmost importance. 

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Author: Katharine Chan, MSc, BSc, PMP
Katharine Chan, MSc, BSc, PMP
Katharine has over 15 years of experience working in British Columbia's healthcare system, leading patient safety incident investigations, quality and systems improvement projects, and change management initiatives within mental health, emergency health services, and women's health. She has published in scientific journals and co-authored health research books. Her bylines include Verywell Mind, CBC Parents, Family Education, Mamamia Australia, HuffPost Canada, and CafeMom. Check out her books at Sum (心,♡) on Sleeve.

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