10 Rewarding Activities To Do During a Psychedelic Trip

Explore Psychedelic Journey Activities: 10 rewarding ways to enhance your trip and gain profound insights into the world and your inner self.
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Author: Katharine Chan, MSc, BSc, PMP
By Katharine Chan, MSc, BSc, PMP
September 25, 2023(Updated: September 28, 2023)

Embarking on a psychedelic journey can be a profound and reflective experience that offers insights into your inner psyche and the world around you. 

These experiences should always be approached in a responsible manner and in a safe environment. Luckily, there are numerous rewarding activities that can enhance the depth and meaning of your trip. 

Whether you’re seeking self-discovery, personal growth, or simply a deeper connection with your surroundings, here are 10 activities to consider during a psychedelic trip.

1. Immerse Yourself in Nature

One of the best activities to do during a psychedelic trip is to spend it outdoors and explore nature’s beauty. Immersing yourself in nature encourages mindfulness and being present in the moment. 

The sights, sounds, and sensations of the natural world can bring you into the now. Exposing yourself to the natural elements calms the mind, reduces stress hormones, lowers blood pressure, and promotes relaxation.

During your psychedelic experience, the vibrant colors and intricate patterns of nature can inspire awe and connectedness.

You can go on a serene hike at a nearby park, check out a familiar trail, or go for a walk on the beach. Or you can simply find a quiet spot under a tree, sit down, and let nature help your mind reset and recharge. 

If possible, head outside during the night to stargaze. The vastness of the universe can initiate feelings of wonder and humility.

2. Sit Comfortably Still

A psychedelic trip does not necessarily mean you need to take a physical trip. Sitting still in a comfortable position and safe space can make the experience incredibly meaningful. Some helpful activities to do include the following:


Psychedelics can enhance mindfulness and introspection. Practice meditation to explore your thoughts and emotions on a deeper level, allowing for self-discovery and inner healing.

Read more about why you should consider meditation as one of these possible psychedelic journey activities and as a core component of your trip.

Listen to a Guided Visualization

Listen to guided visualizations that take you on a mental journey, exploring your inner landscapes and gaining new perspectives.

Check out these 15 apps and websites to enhance your psychedelic trip and improve your experience, healing, and well-being.

Try Breathwork

Deep, intentional breathing exercises can help ground you. They can induce a sense of calm, allowing you to navigate the various aspects of your journey more smoothly.

Learn more about the applications of breathwork for processing and healing, as a psychedelic technology.

3. Journal

Write down your thoughts, insights, and feelings during the trip. Journaling can help you process the experience and gain clarity on your emotions and perceptions. There are no rules around how to best journal during a psychedelic experience. 

Not everyone feels comfortable journaling during a trip, and that’s perfectly okay. Some find that it’s distracting or takes them out of the experience. If this is true for you, it’s okay to put the journal aside and fully immerse yourself in the journey.

Here are some guidelines for journalling during a psychedelic trip:

Before Your trip

Prepare your journalling session by gathering materials you’ll need — a notebook, pens, markers, or any other creative tools you prefer. Set up a comfortable and calming space where you can write without interruptions or distractions.

It can be helpful to start journaling before you take the psychedelic substance. Write down your intentions, expectations, and any questions or themes you’d like to explore during the trip. This can help set a focused and mindful mindset.

Check out these 50 shadow work journal prompts to uncover hidden aspects of yourself for profound self-understanding and growth.

If writing is something you are comfortable with, consider recording audio notes on your phone or a voice recorder. These audio recordings can capture your stream of consciousness in real time.

During Your Trip

As the effects start to kick in, keep your journal nearby. You might find it beneficial to jot down thoughts, emotions, sensations, and visuals you’re experiencing. Don’t worry about grammar or structure — just let your thoughts flow naturally onto the pages.

Use your journal as a tool to explore your inner world. Reflect on your emotions, memories, and insights that arise. Write about any personal revelations, thoughts about life, or connections you’re making.

If you’re artistically inclined, consider incorporating drawings, doodles, or symbols that represent your experiences. This can provide an additional layer of expression beyond words.

Throughout the trip, set aside regular checkpoints to pause and write. These moments can help you track the evolution of your thoughts and emotions as the journey unfolds.

Allow yourself to be open and honest in your journaling. Don’t filter your thoughts or feelings — even if they seem confusing or contradictory. The act of writing them down can help you make sense of them later.

After Your Trip

Take time to read through what you’ve written. Reflect on the insights you gained, the emotions you felt, and any patterns you noticed. Use your journal as a tool for integrating these experiences into your life. 

Don’t judge what you wrote. Remember, your journal is a private space. Be compassionate and non-judgmental towards yourself. There’s no right or wrong way to journal during a psychedelic trip — it’s a personal exploration.

Write down things you’re grateful for — whether it’s the journey itself, the insights gained, or the support you received. Gratitude journaling can help anchor the positive aspects of your experience.

4. Practice Gentle Yoga Movements

Engaging in gentle movements and stretches can promote physical and mental relaxation, allowing you to connect with your body and the present moment. There are many mental health benefits of yoga.

The effects can vary depending on the individual, the environment, and the specific substances involved. That said, here are some potential ways in which practicing yoga can be one of the many helpful psychedelic journey activities.

Ways in which yoga can be helpful:

  • Enhanced Body Awareness: Psychedelics can lead to heightened sensory perception and increased body awareness. Yoga encourages focused attention on the body’s movements, sensations, and breath. This can amplify your body’s response to the psychedelic experience, making you more attuned to the sensations and energy flowing within it.
  • Mind-Body Connection: Yoga promotes a strong connection between the mind and body. During a psychedelic trip, this connection can be deepened, potentially leading to a more integrated and holistic experience. You may feel more in tune with the subtle shifts and movements within your body.
  • Relaxation and Calm: Many people find that practicing yoga induces a sense of relaxation and calm. This can be especially valuable during a psychedelic trip. It may help relieve any anxiety or restlessness that could arise from the intense effects of the substance.
  • Mindfulness and Presence: Yoga emphasizes being present in the moment and cultivating mindfulness. These qualities align well with the mindset that many people seek to achieve during a psychedelic experience. Practicing yoga can help you stay grounded in the present moment and fully immerse yourself in the journey.
  • Body Liberation: Psychedelics can sometimes dissolve the boundaries between the self and the external world. Practicing yoga may enhance this feeling of liberation as you move and stretch your body in ways that transcend the usual limitations. This can contribute to a sense of freedom and expansiveness.
  • Integration and Reflection: After the effects of a psychedelic experience have subsided, yoga can provide a space for integration and reflection. Gentle stretches and movements can help you process the insights and emotions from the trip, promoting a sense of closure and understanding.

But remember…

It’s important when practicing yoga during a psychedelic trip to keep in mind that the effects can vary widely. What works well for one person may not work in the same way for another. Always prioritize your safety, choose a familiar and comfortable environment, and have a trip sitter or guide present if possible.

Psychedelic Journey Activities

Additionally, be aware that psychedelics can potentially affect your physical abilities. For instance, some substances may alter your coordination, balance, or perception of pain. For this reason, choose yoga poses that are gentle, familiar, and within your comfort zone.

Remember that each individual’s response to both psychedelics and yoga can be unique. It’s essential to listen to your body, set intentions, and approach the experience with an open and safe mindset.

5. Share The Experience with a Trusted Friend 

Sharing your experience with a trusted friend who is also tripping can foster deep and meaningful connections. Be sure to choose someone who aligns with your energy, understands your intent and journey, and who you can feel completely comfortable with and trust.

When you’re sharing a mystical experience, a sense of openness and vulnerability will naturally open topics that encourage thought-provoking conversations. 

Some of these may include the following:

  • Life Philosophy: Reflect on the meaning of life, purpose, and your personal philosophy. Share thoughts on existence, consciousness, and the interconnectedness of all things.
  • Emotions and Relationships: Discuss your feelings, emotions, and thoughts about your relationships with friends, family, and partners. Explore empathy, compassion, and communication.
  • Personal Growth: Talk about your aspirations, goals, and areas of personal growth. Share insights about self-improvement and the steps you can take to become a better person.
  • Creativity: Explore your creative side. Discuss art, music, literature, or any creative projects you’re passionate about. Explore how your experiences and perceptions influence your creative expression.
  • Nature and the Universe: Delve into your connection with nature and the cosmos. Discuss the beauty of the universe, the wonders of the natural world, and your sense of place within it.
  • Mindfulness and Presence: Explore the concept of mindfulness and being present in the moment. Discuss techniques for staying grounded and fully experiencing each moment.
  • Philosophical Concepts: Dive into philosophical concepts such as time, reality, perception, and the nature of truth. Reflect on the subjective nature of reality.
  • Spirituality and Transcendence: If you’re open to it, discuss spiritual experiences, beliefs, and the possibility of transcending the ordinary realm of consciousness.
  • Personal Experiences: Share personal stories, challenges you’ve overcome, and pivotal moments in your life. Reflect on how these experiences have shaped you.
  • Gratitude: Express gratitude for the people, experiences, and aspects of life that you appreciate. Discuss the importance of gratitude in fostering a positive mindset.
  • Social and Global Issues: Explore your thoughts on societal and global matters. Discuss topics like empathy, justice, equality, and your role in contributing to positive change.
  • Dreams and Aspirations: Talk about your dreams, both literal and metaphorical. Share your aspirations, dreams for the future, and the steps you’re taking to achieve them.

The Takeaway?

The key to sharing these conversations is to create an environment of trust and openness. This will allow you to explore these ideas in a safe and supportive space.

6. Express Yourself Through Art

Express your thoughts, feelings, and experiences through art. Painting, drawing, sculpting, doodling, using pastels, or even just coloring can provide a creative outlet that allows you to visualize your thoughts and emotions in a unique way.

Watch Certified Art Therapist and Registered Therapeutic Counsellor, Charmaine Husum DKATI, RTC, CT talk about art therapy and psychedelics along the path of integration and healing.

7. Listen to a Curated Playlist

Music can evoke powerful emotions and can play an essential role in supporting mystical experiences and insights. 

Learn more about how music enhances therapy, deepening self-exploration in psychedelic journeys.

There isn’t one type of music that is considered the most suitable during a psychedelic trip. From classical music, Western art music, world music, folk music, movie soundtracks, and electronic music to jazz, create a playlist of your favorite tunes or explore new genres that resonate with your current emotional state.

Remember that personal preferences vary, so consider creating a playlist with a mix of different songs that resonate with you. Choose music that helps create the atmosphere and evokes the emotions you’re looking for during your psychedelic journey.

Check out what we think is the best music for a therapeutic psychedelic trip

8. Practice Self-Reflection

Spend some time alone to reflect on your journey. Solitude can allow you to delve deep into your thoughts and feelings, fostering a stronger connection with your inner self.

Practice gratitude by reflecting on the positive aspects of your life and cultivating a sense of gratitude. This can enhance your overall well-being and emotional state.

9. Watch Movies

Choosing movies to watch during a psychedelic trip can be a highly personal preference. Different people may have varied responses to visuals and emotions while under the influence. 

It’s important to select films that align with your comfort level, mood, and interests. Make sure the movie content is not overly intense or contains disturbing content such as horror or violence. The goal is to enhance the positive aspects of the psychedelic experience.

Here are some movie suggestions that are often considered visually engaging, thought-provoking, and suitable for enhancing the psychedelic experience.

Movie Suggestions:

  • “Avatar”: This visually stunning film offers a captivating world filled with vibrant colors and imaginative landscapes.
  • “The Matrix” Trilogy: With its mind-bending concepts and visually striking scenes, this series can be a thought-provoking choice.
  • “Interstellar”: The exploration of space and time combined with its awe-inspiring visuals can make for an intriguing experience.
  • “2001: A Space Odyssey”: A classic film known for its visual effects and thought-provoking narrative that could resonate during a psychedelic journey.
  • “Samsara”: A non-narrative documentary that presents visually stunning scenes from around the world, encouraging reflection on the interconnectedness of life.
  • “Baraka”: Similar to “Samsara,” this documentary showcases breathtaking visuals and cultural diversity, allowing for deep contemplation.
  • “Fantasia”: Disney’s animated classic, accompanied by classical music, offers a sensory-rich experience that can blend well with the psychedelic state.
  • “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”: A visually appealing film that explores the theme of self-discovery and adventure.
  • “Doctor Strange”: The film’s visual effects and exploration of alternate dimensions align well with the altered state of consciousness.
  • “Alice in Wonderland” (1951): The whimsical and surreal nature of this film can resonate with altered perceptions during a trip.
  • “Cloud Atlas”: A complex narrative with interconnected stories that can encourage deep contemplation.
  • “Yellow Submarine”: An animated musical adventure inspired by The Beatles’ music, offering a colorful and trippy experience.
  • “Waking Life”: This animated film explores philosophical concepts and reality, making it a fitting choice for introspection.
  • “Into the Wild”: A film that encourages exploration, self-discovery, and a connection with nature.
  • “The Grand Budapest Hotel”: Wes Anderson’s visually distinct style can be captivating and whimsical.

Remember that everyone responds to films differently, and it’s essential to choose movies that match your comfort and preferences. Always prioritize safety, a positive environment, and having a trusted trip sitter if needed.

10. Take a Bath

Taking a bath during a psychedelic trip can offer a unique and soothing experience that enhances the overall journey. The warm feeling, calming scents, and sensations of being in the water can provide a rich sensory experience that can feel especially pleasant and enjoyable while under the influence of psychedelics. 

The warm water can relax your muscles and create a peaceful atmosphere. Baths can help ease any potential feelings of anxiety or tension that might arise during the trip.

Water is often associated with emotional release and cleansing. Being in a bath may facilitate a sense of emotional catharsis. It can allow you to explore and process your thoughts and feelings in a safe and serene environment.

Enhance your experience by turning down the lights, lighting a scented candle, and adding Epsom salts and lavender essential oil. Remember to keep the bathwater at a safe and comfortable temperature to prevent scalding, overheating, and burn injuries.

Therefore, a psychedelic trip can be a transformative and enlightening experience when approached with intention and respect. Trying these rewarding activities during your journey can enhance the depth of your exploration and provide lasting insights into your own consciousness and the world around you. 

Remember that having a safe and supportive environment and using plant medicines responsibly are crucial aspects of any psychedelic experience. Always prioritize your well-being and seek guidance from a licensed therapist if needed.

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Author: Katharine Chan, MSc, BSc, PMP
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