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Explore the path to a rewarding psychedelic professional career. Learn, grow, and connect with resources for clinicians and practitioners.
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July 27, 2023(Updated: July 28, 2023)

Whether you’re a clinician just starting out on your psychedelic professional career journey to work with psychedelic medicines or someone with an established practice in the field, Psychedelic Support offers a multitude of options to learn, earn credits, network, and connect with clients and peers, with tools to grow your expertise or your practice.

With a range of free and very affordable courses, many that offer CE/CME credits, Psychedelic Support is the premier source of education and information for both aspiring psychedelic clinicians and experienced professionals who like to be continuously learning and growing in their careers. The rich, searchable library comprises free learning resources, including courses, webinars, and articles, establishing Psychedelic Support as a trusted and professional source of knowledge in the fascinating realm of consciousness and healing. 

Clinicians and licensed practitioners who offer support for people exploring psychedelic medicines for healing and personal growth can join Psychedelic Support’s Network for FREE. Here you can set up a profile for your professional practice, highlighting your areas of focus and your approach to working with psychedelics. 

FREE to join, and we provide a number of tools and programs designed to help you grow your practice, attract new clients and leads, connect with other professionals and collaborators (in Professional Connect), and become part of the growing community of psychedelic medicine practitioners.

If you’re just getting started with psychedelics, a good place to start is to learn the facts about psychedelic medicines and harm reduction strategies. Psychedelics are intricate medicines that can address complex human challenges, and understanding safety best practices and protocols is imperative.

And it’s your lucky day because Psychedelic Support’s Clinicians Exploring Psychedelic Therapy Course (3 hours CE credits) and Harm Reduction Course are absolutely FREE! These courses are valuable for both new students and experienced clinicians alike. Recognizing that your clients may attend retreats where psychedelics are offered or take psychedelic medicines on their own, knowing how to keep people safe—regardless of their access to the medicine—should always be our first priority. 

The next essential step in your psychedelic education journey should be understanding Ethics in Psychedelics. Given the complexity of psychedelic medicines and the human mind, and the vulnerable state often accompanying psychedelic experiences, practitioners must be trained in the multiple layers of ethics that need to be understood and honored. Psychedelic Support offers comprehensive learning modules that provide the necessary depth of ethical understanding for psychedelic clinicians and practitioners, ensuring optimal client and patient outcomes. 

Ethics and Foundations for Your Psychedelic Professional Career

Ethics 101 – Ethical Right Relationship in Psychedelic Therapy (CE Available)

An ethical relationship is one a client can trust. This course provides an overview of an ethical framework of self-management and trigger management for those working with patients or clients in the field of psychedelics. This course is part I of a three course series.

Ethics 102 – Ethical Right Relationship in Psychedelic Therapy (CE Available)

In part II, the course introduces viewers to two additional means to assist in a practical way with awareness and maintaining Right Relationship with clients in the therapeutic container. A professional will be able to recall these tools to assist their self-reflection, and to stay mindful and in beneficent relationships with clients.

Ethics 103 – Peer Consultation Groups (CE Available)

In Part III, the video course provides instruction on the structure of InnerEthics® Peer Consultation Groups and how to create a container in which group members can serve one another by taking turns in the roles of a consultation in order to bring greater benefit to their clients.

Ethical Issues and Client Expectations in NOSC-Assisted Psychotherapies (CE Available)

This live-taught workshop will be a deep dive into the world of ethics in psychedelic therapy, focusing on topics that are important to know in order to effectively and safely deliver care. Working with such powerful tools can add an extra layer of challenge, requiring skill and support, particularly in the realm of ethical considerations.

Getting Started with Building a Practice

For those seeking to establish a psychedelic therapy practice, our Professional Connect webinar, aptly named “How to Start a Psychedelic Therapy Practice,” provides a solid overview of the necessary steps to make your vision a reality. 

Working with Ketamine

As many psychedelic medicines remain classified as Schedule 1 substances, accessing legal avenues for psychedelic experiences in the United States can be challenging. Although not a classic psychedelic, Ketamine (a dissociative substance that can induce non-ordinary states of consciousness) has shown efficacy in providing relief to those grappling with mental health challenges such as depression and suicidal thinking. 

Psychedelic Support provides a broad range of education and training options tailored to ketamine treatment. We’re eternally grateful to our partners who create these learning opportunities. 

Working with Ketamine – Courses and Accreditation

Ketamine-Assisted Therapy Training for Clinicians (CE Available)

Learn the principles and procedures of Ketamine Assisted Therapy in this six-module training with the Polaris Insight Center. You will acquire the skills necessary to administer ketamine in combination with psychotherapy in a clinical setting.

Ketamine: Therapeutic Applications, Clinical Research, and Neural Mechanisms (CE Available)

In this self-paced 5-hour online course, we provide a comprehensive summary of ketamine’s pharmacology, safety and effects, neuroscience findings, therapeutic approaches, and risks associated with recreational use. Perfect for your ketamine clinic staff (group discounts available).

Acceptance and Commitment Theory in Ketamine- and NOSC-Assisted Psychotherapies (CE Available)

This live-taught workshop provides an introduction to Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), including the key concepts and its compatibility with ketamine and psychedelic therapies. ACT is a therapeutic framework ideally suited for the preparation, guiding, and integration of psychedelic experiences.

Integration in Ketamine- and NOSC-Assisted Therapies: Theory and Practice (CE Available)

This live-taught workshop focuses on the theory and practice of integration in psychedelic therapy with a particular emphasis on non-verbal and verbal processing, self-reflection, and group sharing.

Advanced Topics in Ketamine and Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy (CE Available)

Go deeper into special topics in clinical work and the development of ketamine and other psychedelic-assisted psychotherapies in these advanced training modules. Experienced therapists will integrate diverse clinical theories, traditions, and philosophies to teach you the effective use of psychedelic therapies.

Ketamine Medical Module

Join Polaris Insight Center for Ketamine Medical Module specifically for prescribers and other medical providers (MDs, RNs, NPs, DOs, etc). Learn medical topics and safety issues around ketamine therapy to confidently operate a clinic and offer treatments. Live Online!

The Embrace of Space: Music for Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy Sessions

Discover how music is used in ketamine-assisted psychotherapy and master the art of track selection to deepen the patient’s therapeutic process and open their hearts and minds to the vibrational dimensions of consciousness.

Understanding Psychedelic Medicines and Molecules

Psychedelics are intricate substances with complex molecular structures, and it’s vital to have a strong understanding of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual impact these substances have on individuals. Safety is always the first priority in working with these substances. Psychedelic Support provides in-depth learning modules covering safety protocols, best practices, and other essential elements. Many of these courses offer continuing education (CE/CME) credits for professionals.

Understanding the Medicines – Courses and CE/CME Credits

Foundations in MDMA Safety, Therapeutic Applications & Research (CE/CME Available)

Discover how MDMA-assisted psychotherapy is delivered in clinical trials to treat mental health conditions. Learn the key facts about how MDMA works in the body and why it is combined with therapeutic approaches.

Ketamine-Assisted Therapy Training for Clinicians (CE Available)

Learn the principles and procedures of Ketamine-assisted Therapy in this six-module training with the Polaris Insight Center. You will acquire the skills necessary to administer ketamine in combination with psychotherapy in a clinical setting.

Understanding Psilocybin: Effects, Neurobiology, and Therapeutic Approaches (CE/CME Available)

From ancient history to modern-day research, there is a lot to learn about psilocybin. Take this engaging course to acquire comprehensive knowledge of psilocybin’s effects, therapeutic applications, and psychological mechanisms.

Integrating Ayahuasca – How to Keep On Walking the Path

Integrating Ayahuasca is a 10-week online course developed by psychotherapist Kerry Moran, LPC to inspire and support your post-ceremony transformation. Each week you’ll receive a link to a new class packed with practical guidance, practices, and exercises specifically keyed to integration. Great for clients and professionals!

Microdosing Psilocybin & LSD: What We Know So Far (CE Available)

Do you want to learn how psychedelic microdosing is used for mental health support? Dr. Erica Zelfand explains common dosing protocols, as well as important safety considerations and potential drug interactions. Through case studies and practical examples, you will explore trends for optimizing positive benefits and the potential mechanisms of action behind microdosing.

The Wondrous World of 5-MeO-DMT (CE Available)

5-MeO-DMT is an entheogenic substance with unique conscious-shifting properties. Learn how 5-MeO-DMT works in the brain to induce profound psychedelic experiences.

DB 101: How to Microdose

In recent years, thousands of people have reported that microdosing has helped with their depression, insomnia, lack of focus, and physical conditions. If you want the results you’re looking for it’s important that you microdose the right way. Take this course to learn about dosage, routines, and common pitfalls.

You get more with Psychedelic Support. Community members gain access to educational monthly webinars and on-demand learning across a broad spectrum of topics within the psychedelic space. Join us and learn from some of the world’s leading experts.

The Legal Landscape of Psychedelic Therapy

Join expert attorneys Adriana Kertzer, JD; Hadas Alterman, JD; and Harry Nelson, JD in this engaging QA session where they discuss the current legal landscape of psychedelic medicine and how it applies to clinical practice.

Psychedelics and Psychotropics – Drug Interaction and Clinical Approach

Gain insights into drug interactions that significantly impact the safety and efficacy of psychedelic therapies with Ben Malcolm, PharmD, MPH, BCPP, a leading educator, psychopharmacological consultant, and spirit pharmacist.

How to Start a Psychedelic Therapy Practice

Medical safety, the role of prescribers and therapists, insurance, training, ethics, set and setting—there’s a lot to consider when taking your therapy practice into the realm of psychedelic medicine.

Join Integrative Psychiatry Institute’s Co-Founders Keith Kurlander, MA, LPC, and Will Van Derveer, MD, as they discuss best practices, do’s and don’ts, and guidance on where to start in the psychedelic therapy space.

After the Ceremony: What Clinicians Need to Know About Ayahuasca Integration

How can we support clients after their ayahuasca ceremony? Integration is crucial to helping clients integrate their unique experiences into their life journeys. Kerry Moran, MA, LPC, offers expertise in maximizing the impact of integration work, sitting with clients in the shadows, and facilitating cross-cultural connections when working with ayahuasca.

Kerry Moran, MA, LPC, is a graduate of the Counseling Psychology program at Pacifica University. Since then, she has worked in private practice as a present-centered psychotherapist, blending the wisdom of depth psychology (Jung, Hillman) with the non-dual teaching of Tibetan Buddhism and meditation.

Kerry offers a 10-week online course, Integrating Ayahuasca, to inspire and support post-ceremony transformation. Each week journeyers receive a link to a new class packed with practical guidance, practices, and exercises specifically keyed to integration.

Explore all our past webinars and earn CE credit!

Psychology, Systems, and Psychedelics

As we venture into the psychedelic realm, we quickly begin to see how these fascinating molecules and the often mystical experiences they elicit to bring together science and consciousness, opening new doors to existing therapeutic approaches.

From trip sitting and mindful, regenerative approaches to the healing arts to year-long intensives, Psychedelic Support offers a wealth of learning opportunities that empower you to chart your own course toward a career in psychedelic therapy.

Internal Family Systems and Psychedelic Therapy (CE Available)

Internal Family Systems Therapy (IFS) is an integrative approach to psychotherapy that helps clients recognize and balance parts of the Self. IFS therapy can be incorporated with psychedelic medicines and as a tool for psychedelic integration. Participants will learn the IFS theory, principles, techniques, flow of the model, and how it can be applied to psychedelic therapy.

Psychedelic Therapy Continuing Education Series (CE Available)

Broaden your understanding of important topics with experts in the field of psychedelic medicine. Each month we host a live online event with a distinguished guest. Earn continuing education (CE) credits by joining the live webinar or watching the videos after. Great value!

Psychedelic Counseling: The Foundations of “Trip Sitting” (CE Available)

Do you want to know how to support someone during a psychedelic journey? Take this course with Dr. Erica Zelfand to learn tips for “trip sitting”, along with suggestions on how to maximize the potential for healing and minimize the risk of a “bad trip.”

Psychedelic Therapy for Underserved Populations: Assessing Risks & Benefits (CE Available)

Join us in this 3-hour course to explore how to make psychedelic therapy safely and equitably accessible to clients from underserved communities, particularly those affected by the war on drugs. Learn how to use the custom tool “Assessing In” to help navigate assessing clients into psychedelic therapy.

Healing the Healer (CE Available)

Non-ordinary states of consciousness in psychotherapy can be stressful for the clinician in subtle ways. This Polaris Insight Center workshop focuses on the importance of self-care and processing post-session.

DB 101: How to Trip Sit

Deciding to hold space for someone while they’re on a psychedelic or deciding that someone is going to hold space for you while you are on a psychedelic is a big decision. You can help support people through finding deep healing and clarity—or simply support them through a very challenging moment. In this course, Double Blind provides you with a framework for success.

IPI Year-Long Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy Training (CE Available)

The Online Psychedelic Therapy Certificate Training by the Integrative Psychiatry Institute is now open for enrollment and is designed specifically for the busy practitioner. The online program is taught by over 30 faculty with many of the leading researchers and clinicians in the field, such as Rick Doblin, Michael and Annie Mithoefer, Robin Carhart-Harris, Gabor Mate, Michael Pollan, Bill Richards, and so many more.

Growing Your Practice

Psychedelic Support provides a platform for clinicians to promote their services and expertise, attract new clients, and expand their practice. Through our Professional Connect service, marketing and promotional tools, content partnership opportunities, and curriculum co-development, we offer a focused professional experience that enables you to grow your practice among trusted peers and industry experts. Join the provider network for FREE!

For more information on how to grow your practice with Psychedelic Support, review our provider subscription and premier marketing services.

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